Talent Tuesday! Check out Indo Board Rider Ahlee Dee!

On this Tuesday, we invite you to check out Indo Board Rider Ahlee Dee! She has some serious skills! Ahlee Dee travels all over the US participating in music and arts festivals with her crowd pleasing Indo Board and Hula Hoop skills! We are so very stoked to have her as an Indo Board Ambassador!


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She uploaded a couple videos showing off what she can do while riding her Indo Board at the Disc Jam Music Festival. Check them out below!


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Wasn’t it awesome how she flipped the board onto the roller! The next two videos are of her performing at the Okeechobee Music and Arts Fest.


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She never ceases to amaze people with her Indo Board and her hoops!


Do you have an amazing Indo Board talent? We would love to see it! You can send us videos and photos through Instagram by tagging us using @indo_board or message us through our facebook page! Also don’t forget to check out our You Tube Channel!


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INDO BOARD With Darrick Doerner, PART 1

One Of Surfing’s Truly Great Waterman, Darrick Doerner, Cross-trains on the Indo Board Pro.

We are stoked to be working with one of Surfing’s truly great Watermen, Darrick Doerner, who understands the real value of Indo Board Balance Training! In this video, Darrick cross-trains on the Indo Board Pro. Thank you for your Aloha, Darrick!


Darrick is an unbelievable waterman. Take a look at a couple of great surf films starring Darrick.

Step Into Liquid


Riding Giants

Learn more about Darrick Doerner at dd-sea.com


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Workout Wednesday INDO BOARD Man Shows Off Skills


Indoboardman Hunter Joslin spent a couple weeks out in California the end of  February and March. On his many adventures, he stopped by Auburn Fit Training facility for a visit. Bryan and Jacquelyn Twardus are all about creating a fun atmosphere at Auburn Fit. They proudly proclaim, via a sign on the wall, “Not A Gym” and operate with the motto “Fun Fitness” for all their clients. Bryan is an elite Ultra Marathon runner and wants everyone to know that Auburn, CA is the epicenter of Ultra Marathon training in the entire USA.










Check out the video of him at the gym below!


Auburn Fit has a lot of fun with the Indo Board. Bryan and Jacquelyn Twardus are great Indo Board Ambassadors. You can follow their training studio, Auburn Fit, on Instagram @the_auburn_fit.


We always love seeing your Indo Workouts. Tag us on Instagram @indo_board!


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Close Up With INDO BOARD Brand Ambassador Suzie Cooney

Suzie Cooney, Indo Board Brand Ambassador and Team Rider, NASM Personal Trainer, SUP professional athlete, international SUP coach, the owner of Maliko Run, and longtime friend.

I  recently got to catch up with Indo Board Brand Ambassador and team rider, Suzie Cooney.  Suzie is the definition of a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman, and I am proud to call her my friend. This is her story…

For the last 21 years, Suzie Cooney has made her home and career on the island of Maui. She is one of the early female pioneers of stand up paddling, a NASM personal trainer for 16 years, a SUP professional athlete and an international SUP coach who trains some of the best paddlers in the world. She specializes in downwind paddling as a coach and professional guide on the infamous North Shore of Maui, known as the Maliko Run. She owns MalikoRun™ .com.

Suzie has been with the Indo Board family since 2009 and continues to develop new and challenging exercises that not only elicits all muscles of the body, but she is also known for incorporating challenging dimensions for the brain.

Her mantra is #TheMindWinsFirst with the theory that if your mind is well trained, confident with laser focus, your body will follow to success.  The same applies to the creative Indo Board exercises she presents. The focus is the task at hand with the intention of separating the body in two dimensions, the upper half and the lower half. If you give the brain multitasks or a specific task, you must trust your lower half will find it’s way.

The  IndoBoard “floater”  (placing the small Indo Flo 12” cushion atop of the 24” Gigante cushion, with an IndoBoard of choice); was developed a few years back to over stimulate the brain with the intention of creating that floating feeling as if you’re pushing your surfboard or stand up paddleboard across the breaking white water of a wave.

“There is NO sweet spot; you literally float. When your brain cannot grasp where or how to keep you upright, it’s a nervous system overload. This is the exact brain stimulation I am trying to create, to force the lower half of the hips, knees, ankles, and feet to get it together and execute successfully and surf away!”

Now her clients are posting clips on Instagram but adding a new twist like Philip Ramstack from Iowa whom she has been SKYPE training for some time.  He is incredibly focused endurance SUP athlete and she is preparing him for a long distance race where his legs will eventually experience discomfort with choppy waters. The intention is to keep his brain incredibly focused on the goal and to ignore the burning in his feet, ankles and legs. Her goal is to break him down and demonstrate “how” his legs and feet will begin to feel at certain mile markers. His brain needs to shift and keep him going. He loves it! 

A couple years back I developed "The Floater" designed to train the brain to quiet the lower part of the body and to recruit the fine muscles around the ankle, knee and hip. This is brain/strength, neuromuscular control and training at the highest level. I've been SKYPE training Philip from Iowa for some time and we've got HUGE SUP paddling goals this summer. Small 12" disc on top of 24" — crazy difficult lots of videos on my website.Best practice and get the exact IndoBoard training gear on my Website 🏄🏼🏄🏼‍♀️in bio ➡️SUZIETRAINSMAUI "Top Gear Picks". There will be a contest soon and the prize is big. #themindwinsfirst #training #workout #inspire #strength #mentaltoughness #fitness #sup #surf #surfing #paddleboarding #standuppaddle #suzietrainsmaui @indo_board @studiosup @malikorun @michaelgervais

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Here is another Indo Board workout for surfers and paddlers to catch more waves or downwind glides.

This is designed to prepare Philip for a few days with Suzie on Maui to do the Maliko Run and to SUP surf. This exercise requires proper foot and leg stabilization in a different plane of motion, light feet, and brain trust. This move will help him excel in his footwork for proper foot placement to catch more waves and glides while downwinding.


Follow Suzie on Instagram for more training tips. https://www.instagram.com/suzie_cooney

For more information, check out her website for lots of great training articles at http://www.suzietrainsmaui.com.

She is also a SUP downwind racer and expert guide: MalikoRun.com


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Georgette Akai Austria is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship and the writer of the Indo Board Monthly Newsletter. She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she is grateful that you’re reading this, and that, perhaps, you’ll sign up for the newsletter of which she would be so grateful.  Find Georgette on her facebook page here.

Tricked out Thursday with Trinity Lewis

One Talented Kid!

Indo Board Team Rider Trinity Lewis is phenomenal with his incredible skills on the Indo Board. One of the first videos I saw of him was a compilation of tricks he and his father learned to do on the Indo Board.

Trinity can front flip, back flip and do hand stands on the Indo Board. This video was from three years ago and his skills have only improved.

Practice makes perfect

A year later, Trinity posted this tutorial (only for the very advanced) showing how he back flips and lands back on the Indo Board.

Step by Step

Back in October, Trinity posted a more detailed tutorial on how he taught himself to back flip on the Indo Board.

You can check out more videos of Trinity on his You Tube Channel.

I know, we at Indo Board, cannot wait to see what Trinity can do next!

If you would like to share with us your own talents using the Indo Board, you can tag us on instagram @indoboard, or find us on facebook here.

Remember Life is About Balance so Get Indo It!


Workout Wednesday Indo Board Plank

Indo Board Plank

Ready to try a plank on the Indo Board Balance Trainer?

The plank is one of the best all around exercises to work out your core. In holding the plank, you engage many different muscle groups including your obliques, upper and lower abs, delts, quads and even your glutes! But just doing a plank once you have mastered it can be quite boring. By adding the Indo Board on top of the IndoFLO cushion, makes the plank challenging to both mind and body. This mental and physical challenge make the exercise more interesting and actually fun thereby increasing the desire to do the exercise!

You can check out our You Tube channel for videos showcasing how to do a Plank on the Indo Board. These videos are segmented showing planks from the beginner to advanced levels. Below is the beginners workout showing how to tilt plank on the Indo Board.

Need something a little more challenging?

There are several different types of planks these segments covered in the videos. Below is a level 5 advanced video demonstrating a forearm plank variation.

No matter your level, there is a video tutorial for you. Try it out and when you feel you have mastered one step, challenge yourself with the next video in the series!


I hope you have discovered a new way to use your Indo Board and add to your fitness routine!

Remember Life is About Balance!


INDO BOARD Monthly Newsletter, March 2018


Camp Shred, The Indo Board Bamboo Beach, Georgina Shaffer of Azul SUP, NASM Certified Trainer Suzie Cooney, Yoga Teacher Lauren Shimabukuro, Wakeboard Professional Tarah Mikacich, and Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Amature Boxer and Mental Health Advocate, Robert “Cozmo” Consulmagno.


We had a great 2 days at Camp Shred introducing hundreds of kids and adults to the fun INDO BOARD Experience.

At Indo Board, we teach the importance of correct form and posture.  Big and little kids alike had fun learning how to fine-tune their surf stance and improve their balance on Indo Boards

The ability to practice and become comfortable using the correct form is the hallmark of the Indo Board experience. Repetition of correct movement and technique allow riders to create positive muscle memory on land that translates to better balance out in the water.



Get 10% Off any Bamboo Beach combination!

The Indo Board Bamboo Beach features an original art design by surf artist Drew Brophy. Perfect for sports and fitness training.



Join Brand Ambassador, Georgina Shaffer for Indo Board Yoga at AZULE SUP Yoga.


To begin, follow Brand Ambassador and team rider, Suzie Cooney on her Instagram. Located on the beautiful island of Maui, Suzie trains her client, top orthopedic surgeon in Connecticut, Dr. Mike Miranda. Suzie uses SKYPE which enables her to train anyone in the world. In this video, Dr. Mike Miranda trains to paddle Maliko! How cool is that!




Follow our INDO BOARD Brand Ambassador and yoga teacher, Lauren Shimabukuro to Wanderlust!  Hang 10 on your Indo Board on a stand up paddleboard floating in a pool someplace really pretty.


Team rider Tarah Mikacich shows us a few simple and fun workouts on the  Indo Board that combined with a healthy diet, help her stay balanced and in top shape for Wakeboarding.


Welcome to the Indo Board Team – Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, amateur boxer, Marine veteran and mental health advocate, Robert Consulmagno!



Georgette Akai Austria is the writer of the Indo Board Monthly newsletter. She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she thanks you for signing up for the newsletter! If you haven’t yet, please do! Find Georgette on her Facebook page here.

INDO BOARD With Someone You Love

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Good Bye February!

Alas, it is the last day of February! March and spring are just around the corner! Keep an eye out for a new Indo Board Special tomorrow! But before we get to March, we are wrapping up February by highlighting our awesome Indo Board fans sharing their love of the Indo Board with their friends and family. The family that plays together stays together, and what better activity than using the Indo Board Balance Board!

First, Team Rider Keaton Billings shows a friend how to use the Indo Board Original.

Next, Indo Board Ambassador Brian Twardus and his kids show how they Indo It together! Check out his skills!

Our awesome fans continue with Chris (@chrisattack111) shows off his dance moves with his little buddy on the Indo Original.

Kelsey (@kelsobg) shows how to do couples Indo Board. Reminds me a little of pairs ice skating!

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For our final video, Greg shared the skills of his daughter Mia. She is doing a great job balancing on the Indo Board while her little brother is in the background trying to steal the spotlight with his nerf gun. Go Mia go!

If you enjoy the Indo Board with your family, be sure to tag us!

We love to see our fans and their Indo skills!

#indoboard, @indoboard on Instagram!

Remember Life is about Balance!


INDO BOARD, Life In Balance at Camp Shred 2018!

Indo Board Camp Shred 2018

Indo Board, Life In Balance – at Camp Shred 2018!

It was a chilly and beautiful weekend at Camp Shred 2018, the world’s largest surf demo located at San Elijo State Beach in Cardiff, California! Big and little kids alike had fun learning or fine-tuning their surf stance on Indo Boards! We surfers at Indo Board teach our students, clients, and customers to not stick their butts out! We call that butt-outitis, or stink-bug stance, that only kooks stick their butts out, and that no one wants to grow up to be a kook!

Did you make it to Camp Shred? We hope to see you there next year!


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Georgette Akai Austria is the writer of the Indo Board Monthly Newsletter and is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship at Indo Board Balance Trainer.  She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she thanks you for signing up for the email list so that you, too, can receive the monthly newsletter. If you haven’t yet, please sign up for the monthly newsletter! Find Georgette on her fun Facebook page here.

Let’s Move Monday with INDO BOARD Squat Holds

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Take Squats to the next level with Indo Board!

Looking to challenge your workout? Add an Indo Board Original Training pack to your reps!

You can check out our You Tube Channel to look at the full array of workout tutorials but I have two I want to show you today.

Trainer Kristina introduces how to do a Squat Hold using the Indo Board. Squats are one of the most important exercises to have in your workout and adding instability increases the positive results dramatically. The most important aspect of doing squats correctly is paying strict attention to form and posture throughout the movement skill.

The video below is for the beginner.

These videos on our You Tube Channel takes you through various levels of difficulty for each workout highlighted.

Each video progressively gets more difficult. The video below is the next step after the Beginner video.

The video series about Squat Holds have 4 videos showing 3 different levels of difficulty. Watch them and see how many levels you can progress to with the Indo Board Squat Hold!

Remember Life is About Balance!