Indo Balance Board 2018 Surf Expo, Orlando – Wrap-Up

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Conner Brondes – Surf Expo

Indo Board has been exhibiting at the Surf Expo in Orlando ever since the company started in 1998. Every year we are floored with the Indo Board Balance Trainer enthusiasts who demonstrate their skills on our Indo Boards. This year Indo Board team rider Conner Brondes blew us away with his awesome riding skills and ability level. He has been riding an Indo Board since he was 8 years old when he received one for his birthday. Conner proudly professes to anyone who wants to know that the Indo Board changed his life forever. It turned him into a dedicated “Board Sports” enthusiast. He took up skateboarding, wakeboarding and wakesurfing all because of the Indo Board. Progress to now and Conner Brondes is a Professional Fly Boarder.  He dazzled the Surf Expo patrons with his Indo Board tricks, music and extremely friendly personality.

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Go follow Conner Brondes on Instagram to see more of his awesome pics! His fluid transitions from trick to trick, and rarely if ever touching the ground during his runs, separates Conner from everyone else!

In the Video, Conner is on the Pro Surf Classic while holding a ukulele as he keeps the board from touching the ground.

Then in this next video, Conner is hanging 10 on an Indo Original and playing his ukulele while another Indo Rider, Keaton Bennings, is riding the Indo Pro Surf Classic while solving a Rubik’s Cube.

Talk about an all around workout for your core and your brain!

The last video of Conner we took, he did a Popshuvit 180° on the Indo Original.

If you want to see more videos of Indo Riders and fans doing tricks on the Indo Board, head over to our Facebook, Instagram and You Tube Channel.

Remember, Life Is About Balance!

– Shellby

Experience Indo Balance Boards at 2018 Surf Expo Booth #909

Come Visit Us at Booth #909

Indo Board is at @SURFEXPO January 25 – 27, 2018 at the Orlando Convention center. Come see us at Booth #909. It’s the biannual Surf Expo! If you are in town for the big convention, stop on by and try out one of our Indo Balance Boards! We will have demo boards for everyone to try out and see why Balance Boards are an awesome trainer for all board sports focusing on core in association with posture for functional fitness movement patterns that is guaranteed to raise a persons performance level. This important training statement is for all sports and physical activity as you cannot have good balance without correct posture.

Looking back at past Surf Expos

Indo Board Man and his crew have met a lot of amazing people during the conventions so lets take a look back at some of the talented Indo Board Enthusiasts at previous Surf Expos !

In September 2016, Indo Board Man showed off his skills in this viral video which has been watched over a 100k times on Facebook! He is riding the Mini Pro model.


In 2007, Matt Manzari showed off his skills on a Mini Kicktail. Matt and his best friend Reed Hansen developed a heap of radical tricks that helped Reed become the 6 time World Wakeskate Champion. Reed was the first wakeskater to land a varial flip in competition on his wakeskate. He credits this success to the time he spent perfecting the trick on his Indo Mini Kicktail model!

In 2014, 4 time World Champion Wakeboarder, Shaun Murray, stopped by for a training session with Indo Board Man. He was also on America’s Next Ninja Warrior!

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Shaun also talked about the importance of Balance in training in this video shot by Georgette in 2016.

You can check out a demo Julie Roach did on the Indo Yoga Board in 2012 in the video below.

Indo Riders Heather and Will show off their awesome balance using Gigante cushions under their SUP. They will be showing off their skills at our booth this year too!

Bethany Hamilton stopped by to get an Indo Board lesson from the Indo Board Man at a past Surf Expo.


Indo Board Man along with some very talented Indo Riders will be there to Demo the boards. Come over to Booth #909 and say Hi!

Remember Life is About Balance!

The Indo Board Newsletter, September 2017


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Indo Board will be at SURF EXPOin Orlando, Florida, September 7th – 9th. Come see us and play on Indo boards at Booth #936!
Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, traveled to FIT FOR YOU located in Travis City, Michigan, to conduct Indo Board Training seminars. Take a look at these fun video tutorials.
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Rather than being forced to sit still at a desk, teachers like Candee Stucklick and her colleagues have found that their students’ outlook and grades improved when they were allowed to balance on Indo Boards. We think Indo Boards are a great answer to any kid and a great back-to-school necessity! Team rider and star student, Calvin Martoccia, studies while balancing on his Indo Board Mini Kicktail – Black.
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Have an incredible and beautiful time while putting your Indo Board skills to good use like Brand Ambassador, team rider, and NASM certified trainer Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains MauiCheck out her awesome video here! 
In this video, learn How to Use the Indo Board As A Functional Piece Of Equipment! With Indo Board Master Trainer Peter EstabrooksThe Fitness Guy


Got 05:35 Secs? Awesome! Take a look at Olympic Bronze medalist – BMX, 3 Time World Champion – MTB, and Indo Board team rider, Jill Kinter’s home and work ethic in her video titled, This is Home: Jill Kintner. Truly inspiring. <3


Stay positive and shine brightly. Love always wins! Thank you, Liz Crosby. Read her message and see her mind boggling stand-up-yoga and surf moves here.
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Happy and Healthy September to you! 🙂 Georgette


Indo Board Founder, Hunter Joslin, Inducted Into The East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame, 2016

Surf Expo, January 2016

Congratulations to “The Mouth Of The South,” Indo Board‬  Man and the best boss ever, Hunter Joslin, who for decades has enthusiastically contributed his time, energy and quick wit announcing skateboard and surf contests all over the world earning him an induction at the East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame!
Thank you, Peter Townend for giving such a warm introduction, and  Mitch Kaufman, for videoing.:-) Georgette