Learn How to do the Indo Board Ollie – Easy Step by Step Tutorial

 Learn How to do the Indo Board Ollie РEasy Step by Step Tutorial

Indo Board Master Trainer, Nicola Cerciello, breaks down the ollie so that you can do this trick, too!
Train with Nicola. Contact him at nicola@indoboarditalia.com and/or at activephilosophy@gmail.com ūüôā Georgette

Indo Board Course with Master Trainer, Nicola Cerciello

Indo Board Course with Master Trainer, nicola Cerciello

Fun! Indo Board Master Trainer,  Nicola Cerciello, will hold special Indo Board classes for children.

The course will be divided into two age group: 5 – 9 years, and 10 – 14 years. The aim of this course is to teach children a fun way to learn about proprioception and to test their balance skills.
DATES: July 16 – 19 WHERE: Senigallia, Italy
For more information, contact Nicola Cerciello at nicola@indoboarditalia.com
Check out Nicola’s Youtube page. www.youtube.com/channel/UCYutTkweMV6kB7K-C9vprJA
Are you in Italy and want an Indo board?  www.indoboard.it/
Have a great day. ūüôā Georgette