The 12 Days of Indo Board – Day 5!

On the 5th Day of Christmas IndoBoard Man showed me

The Indo Mini Pro!

The Mini Pro is a favorite of Snowboarders, Wakeboarders, and Wakesurfers!

Take a look at IndoBoard Man’s video about the Mini Pro

Pro Snowboarder Matt Ladley works out with the Mini pro in these two videos

Pro Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler also has trained with the Mini pro

You can also use this board for Cross Fit. Check out IndoBoard Man giving a demo to Valley Crossfit.

The Mini Pro is a versatile trainer for a variety of sports and exercise routines.

Don’t forget to check out our You Tube channel for workout routines and training videos!

Have a Balanced Day!


The 12 Days of Indo Board Day 3!

It’s the weekend!

There’s a cold snap here in Florida! When the ocean is too cold and choppy to surf, we use the Indo Board to hone our skills and get an amazing core work out.

On the Third Day of Christmas Indoboardman showed me the

Indo Pro Surf Classic!

This board is perfect for anyone who loves to longboard or if you are like my husband, 6 foot 4 and has a wider stance and the Original Indo Board is too small. The Surf Classic’s design is inspired by the classic designs of Longboard surf boards. The pro model comes with a larger roller to facilitate the longer board.

The Pro Surf Classic is great for practicing cross stepping and hanging 10 demonstrated by the Indoboardman Hunter Joslin in this video.

You can also see Professional Surfer Ben Skinner showing off his moves on the Pro Surf Classic

You can also check out this tutorial showing how to practice popping up using the Pro Surf Classic Flo with the Gigante cushion

Check out pro surfer Bethany Hamilton getting a lesson from Indoboardman on the Pro!

Indo Board team riders showing off their skills.

Remember to keep up with us here on the blog, on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the awesomeness of our Indo Board Community!

Have a Balanced Day


Fan Spotlight! #IndoKids!

Our fans are the greatest and today I thought I would spotlight some of the great posts we have received from our #IndoKids!

Our first video comes from Caitlin who uses the Indoboard to help her with SPD


We love seeing kits Indo it!



  Training my #balance on the #indoboard. #strongholdkids #jiujitsu #passador @cobrinhacharles   A photo posted by Jacob Michael Cusi (@jacobmichaelcusi) on

Starting early! Doyle Boote getting some Indo lessons from his Daddy! IMG_7384 #Indokid Preston showing off his skills at the #IndoBoard office!  


We hope our fans keep sharing these great Indo Moments with us!

New Product! The Foam Roller Package!

Check out the latest new product from Indo Board!

Original_Decks_Foam copy

The package consists of a 36″ Foam Roller, Cut up into a 18″ Foam Roller, Half Round Roller, 2 Wedges and 2 Slivers that can be used with Different deck positions and directions. The stability system gives the rider feedback and allows for balance training in a controlled position. The Indo Board Foam Roller Stability Package offers different levels from the sliver to half round to full round roller for a complete progressive workout. The foam wedges helps with progression from the half round roller to the full round foam roller. The full roller can be used with the Indo Board Original, Mini Original and Rocker Boards but is also perfect for Bio-Facial Release of muscle tension before and after workouts.

There is a complete set of video demos showing how to work with the Foam Roller Package! Watch the Indoman go through several exercises to do with the Foam Roller Package!

You can find more information about the Foam Roller Package here.

You can order one here!

Thank you, Indo Board Worldwide Community


Strangeness And Charm – Florence + The Machine
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I hope this video inspires you today!

Thank you, Island Records, Florence + the Machine, Flipagram, and the Indo Board World Wide Community.

The Original Indo Board, since 1998.

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Indo Board Hip Resurfacing Video Blog Chapter 23

Lots of moans, groans, grunts, and even a few roars as Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin keeps good form under the expert advice of Certified Athletic Trainer, Vinny Comiskey. This is Chapter 23.

Hunter is a surfer, skater, snowboarder, wakeboarder, Indo Board Master and all around extreme athlete who had too many skateboard falls during the 1970′s Dogtown and Z-Boys era. The skateboard falls left him with osteoarthritis of his right hip. Follow Hunter as he video blogs his way beginning with pre-op jitters and back to competitive form.

About Athletic Trainer Vinny Cominskey:

Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC),20 yrs, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). He worked for the US Olympic Committee for 18 year, 15 yrs. as the Head Athletic Trainer at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. He had the opportunity to be a sports medicine staff member on 4 Olympic Teams, 1998, 2000, 2004 and 2008. Worked for USA Field Hockey as National Team Athletic Trainer and USA Softball in the same capacity.Look for Dr. Everline in Chapters 20, 21, 22, and 24.
About Dr. Clay Everline: Look for Dr. Clay Everline in Chapters 20, 21, 22, and chapter 24.

Hunter Joslin takes a walk after hip resurfacing surgery.

This is an image of Hunter Joslin, President and Founder of the Indo Board Balance Trainer. Due to too many skateboard falls in the 1970’s, the Dogtown and Z-boys era,  left Hunter Joslin with osteoarthristis of his right hip. Follow Hunter as he video blogs his way beginning with pre-op hip resurfacing Dr. visit, post-op recovery, and back into competitive form.

Hunter Joslin practices walking after hip resurfacing surgery.