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5x5IndoyogaboardchristmasdiscountDec2015How To Bliss out Practicing Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga All Year Round.

Practice stand up paddle board yoga on your Indo Yoga Board when it’s too cold outside. Or when you can’t get to your most favorite body of water. Because when you can’t go outdo, you can go Indo. All year round.

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Indo Yoga Board 101 | How to Use The Indo Yoga Board

This video will help in understanding how to use your Indo Yoga Board. The Indo Yoga Board is changing the way yoga is practiced by introducing an unstable platform on which to practice your yoga poses. The Indo Yoga board can be used for both Asana Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The key to feeling comfortable on the Indo Yoga Board is to take the time to understand the feel and movement of the board and to slow down your poses and become more mentally engaged in your poses.

The Indo Yoga Board has varying levels of progression and instability. The wooden rockers on the bottom of the board provide a basic or beginning level of instability. Placing three Indo Board IndoFLO inflatable cushions underneath the board will increase the level of instability and increase the challenge. The inflation of the IndoFLO cushions changes the instability of the Indo Yoga Board. Inflating the IndoFLO cushions just enough so that the wooden rockers on the bottom of the Indo Yoga Board are not touching the floor, creates more instability. Further inflating the IndoFLO cushions continues to create more and more instability. Be sure to experiment with inflation of the cushions to find the right level of instability for your personal preference.

Practicing yoga on the Indo Yoga Board creates more muscle activation than traditional yoga on a stable surface. The Indo Yoga Board is meant to challenge all levels of yoga enthusiasts by forcing the user to slow down their pose and focus on engaging their core and other stabilizing muscles that may not be used in traditional yoga.

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Indo Board Brand Ambassador, Marylou Cerami featured in a Fiat commercial

Indo board Brand Ambassador and SUP yoga teacher, Marylou Cerami of Chicago SUPYoga https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoSUPYoga?directed_target_id=0 is featured in a FIAT commercial. How cool is that?! Check out her commercial here –> http://www.grindtv.com/lifestyle/pro-active/post/the-tao-of-mary-lou-ceramis-sup-yoga/ Happy day. – Georgette