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Indo Board meets rope training at ISPO 2011

Indo Board founder Hunter Joslin took the Indo Board Original over to the Pullsh Athletic booth at the 2011 ISPO show in Germany. Needless to say Hunter blew some minds with this entirely new take on taking a rope workout to the next level.

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Indo Board Training with Mads Jonsson

The Indo Board Gigante’ cushion and Indo Board Mini Pro deck are used to train snowboard professional Mads Jonnson on improving stability, strength, fitness and neuromuscular response. World Record Holder Mads Jonnson and reknown action sports personal fitness trainer Paul Hiniker go through a workout using the newest Indo Board product the IndoFLO Gignate’ cushion. Mads Jonnson and Paul Hiniker work on stability training on an Indo Board Gigante’ cushion and Indo Mini Pro deck. This training is specific to improving the strength and stability that snowboarders need to be able to execute difficult and technical snowboarding tricks.

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