The 2018 Winter Olympic Athletes Secret Weapon – Part 1

The 2018 Winter Olympics are just around the corner. Several winter Olympians, including Lindsey Vonn, use the Indo Board as part of their training regimen. The US Olympic Snowboard Team uses the Indo Board as a warmup tool before competing.

Lindsey has consistently used the Indo Balance Board since her formative training with the Vail Ski and Snowboard Club as a kid. More recently she has used it to help her rehab from severe injuries which lead to her primary training to get her back Indo competitive form.

In this post, Lindsey Vonn is working on core strength as well as her upper body to rehab her injured arm. Try playing catch while on the Indo Board and see how adding in an extra movement boosts your workout while having fun!

Balance is getting better. #progress #ankleproblems

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The Indo Balance Board helps dramatically strengthen weak or injured ankles and knees. Sprained ankles are a leading injury among skiers and snowboarders. Doing some relatively easy ankle strengthening exercises using the Indo Board Balance Trainer can help you prevent injuries.


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 Lindsey is using the Indo Board Mini Pro in this photo. The Mini Pro was developed working with professional wakeboarders and snowboarders who wanted a fun indoor training activity. The broad reach and importance the Indo Board Balance Trainer has for balance training across all board orientated sports and all sports activity is the perfect fit.

Ski Magazine even recorded a bit of her Balance Training workout. You can check it out here.

Remember Life is About Balance!



Indo Board Team Riders Make a Clean Sweep at the BEAR PRO PRESENTED BY JEEP

L – R: (In Blue)Tony Silvagni, (in Red)Harley Ingleby, (in blue)Taylor Jenson, and (in Red) Kai Salas.
Congratulations to Indo Board Team Riders, Kai Salas for winning 1st, Taylor Jenson for taking 2nd, and Tony Silvagni taking equal 3rd with Harley Ingleby at the BEAR PRO PRESENTED BY JEEP in Andora, Italy! And congratulations to Taylor Jensen for clinching the ASP WLT World Title!

Indo Board with Paul Hiniker and Matt Ladley, Part 1 of 2

Action Sports¬†Strength and Conditioning Specialist¬†¬†Paul Hiniker, certified with NASM, ACE, ISSA and efi Sports Medicine¬ģ, trains snowboard professional, Matt Ladley, on the Indo Board Mini Pro and Indo Board Gigante Cushion.
About Paul Hiniker:
About Matt Ladley:

Indo Board with Paul Hiniker and Eric Jackson, Part 2 of 2

Expert Paul Hiniker, certified with NASM, ACE, ISSA and efi Sports Medicine¬ģ, trains snowboard professional, Eric Jackson, on the Indo Board Mini Pro and IndoFlo Gigante Cushion. In this video, because the lack of training can leave one in dire straights, Paul Hiniker explains the reasons why pro athletes like Eric Jackson, greatly benefit while training with the Indo Board and IndoFlo Gigante Cushion.

Olympic pro snowboader JJ Thomas trains on his Indo Board

When JJ Thomas, the 2002 Olympic bronze medalist and Winter X- Games gold medalist, trains he uses Indo Board Balance Trainers. JJ trains with Paul Hiniker one of the top fitness trainers in action sports.  Paul trains many of the top surfers and snowboarders in the world and is an expert when it comes to improving balance and stability through sport-specific functional strength training.  In these photos Paul takes JJ through a workout focused on improving both balance and stability by using a wide range of exercise which are all done on the Indo Board Mini Pro deck and Indo Board Gigante cushion.  Paul believes that training on an unstable surface is the best way for board sports athletes to create better balance and stability throughout their entire kinetic chain.  In these pictures Paul has JJ using kettlebells to create added weight and instability to all the movements.  Thanks to Frogs Fitness in Encinitas, CA for use of their facility.      

JJ Thomas using kettlebells on the Indo Board

JJ Thomas performs kettlebell pass-throughs on Indo Board

JJ Thomas Olympic Pro Snowboarder
JJ looking happy that the workout is over

Pro snowboarder Eric Jackson trains on the Indo Board

Eric ‘E-Jack” Jackson is¬†one of the best freeride¬†snowboarders¬†in the world.¬†¬†Last year¬†E-Jack injured his foot and had to spend¬†a great deal of time off the mountain¬†rehabilitating his injury.¬† This¬†off-season E-Jack worked tirelessly¬†with his¬†fitness trainer Paul Hiniker at Frogs Fitness¬†in Encinitas, CA¬†to make sure that his entire body is stable¬†and strong enough to avoid¬†future injuries.¬† In this video Paul explains¬†why the Indo Board Balance Trainer has become¬†his favorite piece¬†of ¬†equipment when working with professional snowboarders and surfers.¬†¬†Watch as¬†E-Jack tries out his¬†latest¬†Indo¬†Board set-up:¬†the Indo Board Gignate cushion with the¬†Indo Mini Pro deck¬†on top.¬†¬†This setup was chosen by Paul Hiniker as it allows snowboarders to strength¬†train in a¬†stance¬†that is as close as possible¬†to¬†their riding stance.¬† As Paul¬†explains in the video, stability and strength training on an unstable surface is¬†the¬†most important aspect¬†of the fitness programs he prescribes to¬†the professional¬†snowboarders and surfers that he works with.

Indo Board kettlebell workout with Paul Hiniker

We recently caught up with¬†highly sought-after fitness trainer Paul Hiniker during a photo shoot for an upcoming Surfline Health and Fitness feature.¬† Paul trains many of actions sports top athletes including professional surfer Taylor Knox and professional snowboarders¬†Eric Jackson and Mads Jonnson.¬† Paul’s main focus with all of his athletes is building a balanced, stable, strong and flexible body.¬† In order to create this type of¬†body a great deal of the training that Paul recommends is done¬†using¬†unstable devices.¬† This helps simulate the type of environment that¬†surfers, snowboarders, skateboarders and other board sports athletes will encounter during training and competition.¬† This training focuses on making sure the athletes¬†learn to maintain the proper posture,¬†stability and balance while performing compound, sport-specific¬†movements on these unstable devices.¬†¬†Paul’s goal is to¬†better prepare the athletes¬†for the chaotic, unstable¬†environment that they experience in board sports training and competition.¬†¬†In these photos Paul is¬†performing¬†kettlebell stability exercises using the IndoFLO Gigante’¬†cushion with the Indo Pro deck¬†on top.¬† This Indo¬†Board setup¬†allows the user to simulate the instability and the proper posture¬†and stance¬†used in surfing and snowboarding.¬† ¬†

Indo Board training
Paul Hiniker performs Indo Board kettlebell exercises

Indo Board fitness training using kettlebells
Paul training for improving his stablilty in an unstable enviroment

Indo Board fitness training with kettlebells
Paul demonstrates compound, sport-specifc movements in an unstable enviroment

Indo Board Training with Mads Jonsson

Yesterday we had the pleasure of working with snowboarding World Record Holder (longest jump : 187 feet) Mads Jonnson and his personal fitness/strength and conditioning coach, Paul Hiniker.¬† Mads is considered one of the best¬†freeride¬†snowboarders¬†in the world and¬†has the good fortune of working with reknown action sports trainer¬†Paul Hiniker.¬†¬†Paul is not only incredibly well educated when it comes to improving¬†performance in board sports athletes,¬†but as you can see in the video he walks the walk too!¬†¬†Paul put Mads through a series of exercises on the¬†new IndoFLO¬†Gigante’ cushion¬†with the¬†Indo Mini Pro deck¬†on top of the cushion.¬† According to Paul, these products create an environment of¬†instability that almost exactly simulates the unstable environment that one encounters¬†in¬†board sports.¬† This instability¬†forces Mads to activate¬†and strengthen the stabilization structures of the feet, ankles, knees and core.¬† The end result is a workout that challenges¬†Mads’ strength, stability, fitness and neuromuscular response.¬†¬†You may notice that Mads is currently¬†nursing a broken humerus¬†and has very little use¬†of his¬†left arm and shoulder.¬† His ability to perform these exercises with this injury not only speaks volumes about his talent and fitness but also¬†illustrates the¬†fact that balance and stability have very little to do with¬†upper body movement and everything to do¬†with proper form and posture and effective use of the¬†legs, hips and core (torso).¬† Visit¬†the Indo Board YouTube¬†channel¬†to see more videos¬†highlighting¬†the use of Indo Board products¬†in action sports¬†training.