Indo Boarding + Surf Lesson with Jr. Seau and Hunter Joslin

Seven weeks after hip resurfacing surgery Indo Board Founder and President Hunter Joslin ran into his friend and former NFL  star Junior Seau at the Hawaiian Pro Design Factory in Oceanside, California. Hunter gave Junior a surfing lesson on the Indo Board using the Indo Board Original deck and Gigante Cushion. Afterward they paddled out for a morning surf session near Junior’s house in Oceanside, CA.  Look out! Hunter is back! And he’s feeling like his old self carving it up in the lineup!

Hunter and Junior are both team riders for Donald Takayama of Hawaiian Pro Design Surfboards. Hunter has been a HPD team rider since 1975.

About Jr. Seau:
Tiaina Baul “Junior” Seau Jr. (pronounced /ˈseɪ.aʊ/; born January 19, 1969 in San Diego, California) is an NFL linebacker who is officially retired after 19 years playing in the NFL. He was drafted fifth overall by the San Diego Chargers during the 1990 NFL Draft. He played college football at the University of Southern California, and was the progenitor of the “NFL-USC linebacker”

A nine-time All-Pro and 12-time Pro Bowl selection, Seau was a member of the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team. He has also been a member of the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots.

Surfboard and SUP by Donald Takayama of Hawaiian Pro Designs.

Indo Boarding + Surf Lesson with Jr. Seau and Hunter Joslin