Indo Board training with Paul Hiniker and pro snowboarder Seamus O'Connor

Action sports strength and conditioning trainer Paul Hiniker works with up-and-coming professional snowboarder Seamus O’Connor.  Paul is certified with NASM, ACE, ISSA and efi Sports Medicine® and trains many of the world’s top professional snowboarders and surfers.  Paul always uses Indo Board products to help his athletes improve their kinetic chain stability, core strength, balance and agility.  Seamus O’Connor is seen here on the Indo Board Mini Pro deck and Indo Board Gigante Cushion.  These exercises are intended to help Seamus gain better control and stability when executing big jumps and tricks in the halfpipe or on other obstacles.  Seamus is sponsored by Nike 6.0, Burton and Oakley.  Thanks to Frogs Fitness in Encinitas, CA for use of their facility.     
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