New Product! The Foam Roller Package!

Check out the latest new product from Indo Board!

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The package consists of a 36″ Foam Roller, Cut up into a 18″ Foam Roller, Half Round Roller, 2 Wedges and 2 Slivers that can be used with Different deck positions and directions. The stability system gives the rider feedback and allows for balance training in a controlled position. The Indo Board Foam Roller Stability Package offers different levels from the sliver to half round to full round roller for a complete progressive workout. The foam wedges helps with progression from the half round roller to the full round foam roller. The full roller can be used with the Indo Board Original, Mini Original and Rocker Boards but is also perfect for Bio-Facial Release of muscle tension before and after workouts.

There is a complete set of video demos showing how to work with the Foam Roller Package! Watch the Indoman go through several exercises to do with the Foam Roller Package!

You can find more information about the Foam Roller Package here.

You can order one here!