Understanding Functional Balance and Stability Training with Indo Board Master Trainer, Rocky Snyder


Indo Board is proud to have partnered with Master Trainer Rocky Snyder to offer our Continuing Education Workshop held in Santa Cruz, CA on March 5, 2011. Rocky will be hosting another CE Workshop on July 23, 2011. For more information on the next CE Workshop in Santa Cruz with Rocky Snyder, go to: http://indoboard.com/continuing_education/

Indo Board training with Paul Hiniker and pro snowboarder Seamus O'Connor

Action sports strength and conditioning trainer Paul Hiniker works with up-and-coming professional snowboarder Seamus O’Connor.¬† Paul is¬†certified with NASM, ACE, ISSA and efi Sports Medicine¬ģ and¬†trains many of the world’s¬†top¬†professional snowboarders and surfers.¬† Paul always uses¬†Indo Board products to help his athletes improve their kinetic chain¬†stability, core strength, balance and agility. ¬†Seamus O’Connor is seen here¬†on the Indo Board Mini Pro deck and Indo Board Gigante Cushion.¬† These exercises are intended to¬†help Seamus gain better control and stability when executing big jumps and tricks in the halfpipe or on other obstacles.¬† Seamus is sponsored by Nike 6.0, Burton¬†and Oakley.¬† Thanks¬†to Frogs Fitness in Encinitas, CA for use of their facility.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

About Paul Hiniker: http://www.surfexercises.com/paul_hiniker.php
About Seamus O’Connor: http://www.ttrworldtour.com/ranking/rider-report/rider/75808.html

Pro snowboarder Eric Jackson trains on the Indo Board

Eric ‘E-Jack” Jackson is¬†one of the best freeride¬†snowboarders¬†in the world.¬†¬†Last year¬†E-Jack injured his foot and had to spend¬†a great deal of time off the mountain¬†rehabilitating his injury.¬† This¬†off-season E-Jack worked tirelessly¬†with his¬†fitness trainer Paul Hiniker at Frogs Fitness¬†in Encinitas, CA¬†to make sure that his entire body is stable¬†and strong enough to avoid¬†future injuries.¬† In this video Paul explains¬†why the Indo Board Balance Trainer has become¬†his favorite piece¬†of ¬†equipment when working with professional snowboarders and surfers.¬†¬†Watch as¬†E-Jack tries out his¬†latest¬†Indo¬†Board set-up:¬†the Indo Board Gignate cushion with the¬†Indo Mini Pro deck¬†on top.¬†¬†This setup was chosen by Paul Hiniker as it allows snowboarders to strength¬†train in a¬†stance¬†that is as close as possible¬†to¬†their riding stance.¬† As Paul¬†explains in the video, stability and strength training on an unstable surface is¬†the¬†most important aspect¬†of the fitness programs he prescribes to¬†the professional¬†snowboarders and surfers that he works with.

Indo Board helps Braille Institute kids learn to surf

Every summer¬†Ocean Beach Surf and Skate,¬†Ocean Experience Surf School¬†and Indo Board partner with the San Diego Chapter of the Braille Institute to give¬†visually impaired youth the chance to¬†learn to surf.¬† ¬†While we have¬†been involved in introducing¬†many differnt types people to the¬†experience of riding waves, nothing quite compares to this.¬†¬†We are stoked that the Indo Board¬†plays a crucial role in helping these visually impaired kids understand the basics of balance and prepares them for an experience that they will never forget.¬† The surf instructors¬†used the full range of¬†Indo Board products before the surfers entered the water¬†so that they¬†simulate¬†the instability that they would¬†expereince¬†once they were in the water and on their surfboards.¬†¬†The Indo Board Original (deck with roller underneath) and the Gigante Cushion (large cushion that is placed under a surfboard) played a critical role in helping the instructors assess¬†important¬†variables¬†such as¬†balance, posture and stability before the surfers entered the surf.¬† This translated into great successes once¬†the kids entered the water.¬† Seeing the faces of kids, most of whom had never been in the ocean –¬†much less on a surfboard, made¬†this an incredibly gratifying experience for all involved.¬† To learn more about the San Diego Chapter of the Braille Institute and the amazing work they do with¬†visually impared youth, visit their Facebook Page.

Indo Board Original Balance Trainer
Visually impaired youth train for surfing on the Indo Original Balance Trainer
Preparing for the surf using the Indo Board Gigante cushion

Indo Board kettlebell workout with Paul Hiniker

We recently caught up with¬†highly sought-after fitness trainer Paul Hiniker during a photo shoot for an upcoming Surfline Health and Fitness feature.¬† Paul trains many of actions sports top athletes including professional surfer Taylor Knox and professional snowboarders¬†Eric Jackson and Mads Jonnson.¬† Paul’s main focus with all of his athletes is building a balanced, stable, strong and flexible body.¬† In order to create this type of¬†body a great deal of the training that Paul recommends is done¬†using¬†unstable devices.¬† This helps simulate the type of environment that¬†surfers, snowboarders, skateboarders and other board sports athletes will encounter during training and competition.¬† This training focuses on making sure the athletes¬†learn to maintain the proper posture,¬†stability and balance while performing compound, sport-specific¬†movements on these unstable devices.¬†¬†Paul’s goal is to¬†better prepare the athletes¬†for the chaotic, unstable¬†environment that they experience in board sports training and competition.¬†¬†In these photos Paul is¬†performing¬†kettlebell stability exercises using the IndoFLO Gigante’¬†cushion with the Indo Pro deck¬†on top.¬† This Indo¬†Board setup¬†allows the user to simulate the instability and the proper posture¬†and stance¬†used in surfing and snowboarding.¬† ¬†

Indo Board training
Paul Hiniker performs Indo Board kettlebell exercises
Indo Board fitness training using kettlebells
Paul training for improving his stablilty in an unstable enviroment
Indo Board fitness training with kettlebells
Paul demonstrates compound, sport-specifc movements in an unstable enviroment