The 12 Days of Indo Board – Day 2!

On the Second Day of Christmas Indoboardman showed me

The Indo Yoga Board!

And it’s on Sale at 40% off!!!!

The Indo Yoga Board gives your yoga exercises a boost!

This board combines balance, surfing, SUP and yoga in one!

Our Youtube Channel has a multitude of videos you should check out!

This video shows how to determine your strong a weak points

We have the best fans!

Take a look at the awesome photos they have shared using the Indo Yoga Board.

Evelyn O’Dohery instagrammed her class set up. What a perfect place to practice yoga!

Becky Chester strikes a pose.

She’s using the Yoga trio pack here!

Change up your normal yoga routine using the Indo Yoga Board.

Imagine all the poses you could practice on the Indo Yoga Board!

Have a Balanced Day!


How To Do a Plank Variation on the Indo Board. With Indo Board Creator, Hunter Joslin

Indo Board at BAM Conference March Newsletter 2016

How To Do A Plank Variation Exercise with the Gigante Cushion underneath your flipped over Indo Board.

The Indo Board Team had a great and very busy time meeting new people at the BAM Conference in Chico, California. Thank you Team Rider, Carol Shankland, for leading the Indo Yoga Board and Indo Board workshops! Check out this video featuring Indo Board Man Hunter Joslin demonstrating a plank variation exercise using the Gigante Cushion underneath a flipped over Indo Board. Fun. 🙂 Georgette