The 12 Days of Indo Board – Day 2!

On the Second Day of Christmas Indoboardman showed me

The Indo Yoga Board!

And it’s on Sale at 40% off!!!!

The Indo Yoga Board gives your yoga exercises a boost!

This board combines balance, surfing, SUP and yoga in one!

Our Youtube Channel has a multitude of videos you should check out!

This video shows how to determine your strong a weak points

We have the best fans!

Take a look at the awesome photos they have shared using the Indo Yoga Board.

Evelyn O’Dohery instagrammed her class set up. What a perfect place to practice yoga!

Becky Chester strikes a pose.

She’s using the Yoga trio pack here!

Change up your normal yoga routine using the Indo Yoga Board.

Imagine all the poses you could practice on the Indo Yoga Board!

Have a Balanced Day!