Indo Board Man and the Quest for a New Hip Part 6

It’s day two post op and Indo Board Man is ready to get the heck out of the hospital.

After discharging him, he laid down in the back of his van for the ride home which took an hour and a half. Then he settled in for the first day at home. Armed with his walker, he took it easy night one.

Day two he read, slept, did his therapy and even had enough strength to cook Linguine and Clams

One of the few complaints was his inability to walk with the walker and carry his water bottle at the same time. An Amazon prime order fixed that and he was outfitted with a cup holder that attached to the walker. Since he came home on the weekend, he had to wait until Monday for the home physical therapist to arrive. But he felt good enough to entertain his grandsons Sunday evening.

They were delighted with him giving them redi-whip in the can.

More on week one recovery later!


Indo Board Man and the Quest for a Better Hip Part 4

Indo Board Man had his first physical therapy session at 7pm, 7 hours after his hip replacement. Check out the videos of his first time standing and walking on his new hip.

Indo Board Man was feeling little pain as the doctor injected a steroid medication during the operation that was still in effect. Indo Board Man was ready and raring to go! He reported no pain and an immediate ease to walking with the problems of the osteoarthritic femoral head gone!

He walked 200 feet before the therapist turned him around and walked him back to the room. The therapist was impressed with the smooth movement of muscles in the legs as Indo Board Man was describing the problems prior to surgery. The advantages of the “Anterior Approach” became reality as there was no pain caused by muscles being cut.

So far so good!


Indo Board Man and the Quest for a Better Hip part 3

Indo Board Man’s surgery lasted about 2 hours and he spent several hours in post op waiting for a room to open up. The doctor gave him these x-rays of the finished procedure. This procedure was the Anterior approach which means the incision was at the front of the hip. This is the most advanced method for a total hip replacement because there is no cutting of the muscles. The hip is accessed by going in between two muscles without any cutting of the support muscles which makes for a much faster recovery. The ‘spike’ is titanium and carefully positioned inside the femur to support the new ball and precisely fit into the new socket of titanium and plastic.

Here is the new bionic hip and below is a picture of the new hip with the resurfaced hip. The surgeon aligned the left hip with the right resurfaced hip. The zipper is how the doctor gained access to the hip…just kidding! Hahaha! The 2010 resurfacing was a “posterior approach” which means they come in from the back of the hip with a much larger incision and cutting of the gluteous maximus in order to access the femoral head. The hospital stay in 2010 was 4 nights and required lots of pain meds to recover. This time was completely different with 1 nights stay in the hospital and a minimum of pain meds.


While waiting in post op, he helped himself to a few popsicles. That was his first food since dinner the night before and the popsicles were most welcome at 2 pm after the surgery.


After spending several hours in post op, he finally had a room.

He caught up on all the happenings and well wishes from his facebook friends while waiting for the physical therapist to arrive. At least his room had a nice view.

Check back for Indo Board Man’s first therapy session!


Indo Board Man and the Quest for a Better Hip Part 2

It’s the morning of the Operation. Indo Board Man is getting his left hip replaced. He headed to Orlando at the crack of dawn to begin the wait to be wheeled into surgery. Indo Board Man is in good spirits as he waits to get wheeled back into the operating room. He is showing off his humor in the photo below.


Then the doctor comes in and marks his hip.

Three hours after arriving, they wheel him back. More when he is out of surgery!


Indo Board Man and the quest for a better hip.

It’s been a long time coming. Tomorrow is the day of the hip replacement. Here is the Indo Board Man showing off his moves and talking about why its finally time to get his left hip replaced.

Tomorrow this will be what’s inside Indo Board Man’s leg.

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Please send positive vibes all goes smoothly and Indo Board Man gets back to the activities he loves quickly.

Remember Balance is Everything!


Throwback to Indo Board Man’s hip resurfacing part 4

We are one day away from the hip replacement of Indo Board Man. He is prepping by going to a concert tonight. Tomorrow we will drive to Orlando and the journey will begin.

Today we will go over the end of the hip resurfacing journey. Four weeks after the surgery, Indo Board Man heads back to work.

7 weeks later he is back in the water!

And the post op appointment 3 months after

Tomorrow the whole process starts again. The hope is a quicker recovery thanks to the new techniques used. Follow the journey on the blog!

Remember Balance is Everything!


Throwback to Indo Board Man’s Hip Resurfacing part 3- the rehab

We are two days away from Indo Board Man’s hip replacement. He is preparing by watching you tube videos of the surgery. We should know today or tomorrow what time the surgery will be. In preparation for the surgery, we are taking a look back at the video blog of Indo Board Man’s hip resurfacing 8 years ago.

We left off last week with Indo Board Man getting a ride home via ambulance. Today we will look at the first few days home and the post op appointment.

Tomorrow we will see the last parts of the blog before we start the Hip replacement videos.

Remember Balance is Everything!


Indo Board Hip Resurfacing Video Blog Chapter 24

Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, gets more sage advice from Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Clay Everline and from Certified Athletic Trainer, Vinny Comiskey.
Hunter is a surfer, skater, wakeboarder, snowboarder, and all around extreme athlete who had too many skateboarding falls onto his right hip back in the 1970’s Dogtown and Z-boys era. The injuries left Hunter with osteoarthritis of his right hip. Follow Hunter as he video blogs his way beginning with pre-operation jitters and back to competitive form.
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