Indo Board and TRX launch fusion class at 2010 IHRSA show

About a year ago Indo Board and Fitness Anywhere discussed the possibility of creating a fusion class that would combine movements and exercises from the Indo Board Balance Trainer and the TRX Suspension Training system. The goal was to create a challenging, functional and fun workout that focused on improving balance, stability and core strength.   Thanks to the help of the experts at TRX and our Indo Board Master Trainers Jon Ham and You-Lee Rodriquez, the class was launched at the 2010 IHRSA show.  Indo Board and TRX collaborated on this project to create a workout that further challened the TRX user by taking the normally stable contact point of a TRX movement (whether that is the feet or hands) and adding instability to that point.  The net result is a workout that provides significantly increased muscular activation along with providing a more dynamic challenge to the balance and stabilization systems of the user.  Below are some highlights from the class.


Indo Board at IHRSA 2010

Last weekend the Indo Board crew attended the 2010 IHRSA (International Health, Racquet¬†and Sportsclub Association)¬†Trade Show at the San Diego Convention Center.¬† It was¬†the¬†first time we have exhibited at a major fitness industry tradeshow and the response was unreal.¬† Indo Board brought its unique brand of action sports balance training to a trade show that has traditionally been more about the weight machines that you see in most gyms and¬†old school “aerobics” ¬†style group fitness¬†classes.¬† Our unique blend of functional balance training mixed with our core, action-sports¬†mindset had people talking.¬† Attending the show for¬†Indo Board¬†were Indo Board Founder and President, Hunter Joslin, Vice President of Operations, Chip Martoccia and Indo Board Master Fitness Trainers, Jon Ham and You-Lee Rodriguez.¬† The Indo Board booth remained busy during the entire show with representatives from health clubs all over the world stopping by to¬†learn more about our unique balance training products.¬† Also on display were¬†some of the most intense and impressive balance training routines available.¬†¬†You-Lee Rodriguez, a highly sought after personal trainer out of New York City,¬†exhibited some¬†mind-blowing balance training techniques that had the crowd mesmerized.¬† Overall the show was a great success and a¬†big step in Indo Board’s quest to become a household name¬†in¬†the fitness industry.