Indo Board on the Today Show

Did you see #IndoBoard Man Hunter Joslin yesterday on the #TodayShow doing his guerrilla marketing tactics? In 1998, small business man Hunter Joslin officially began his business in a spare bedroom in Melbourne Beach, Florida with 10 thousand dollars he borrowed from the bank. Since there wasn’t much room in the bedroom, we’d line the rollers up in the kitchen (!!!) with good friend Lance Albers as we three meticulously placed the stickers centered on the rollers. If we were off by a millimeter – Hunter would let you know it! As the business grew, so did the cardboard boxes that contained the boards and rollers which literally took over the house. Yes, I think it’s fair to say we once lived in a cardboard box. In all sincerity, I hope that the Indo Board has brought you a sense of joy, a healthier body, a sense of confidence, and a few good laughs because, essentially, that is Hunter’s purpose despite the unconventional marketing tactics. Thank you, Tom Dugan of Eastern Surf Magazine for letting us use your photos Happy day everyone. – Georgette

Indo Board on the Today Show
Indo Board on the Today Show


Indo Board on the Today Show
Indo Board on the Today Show


Indo Board with Darrick Doerner, Part 2

Indo Man Hunter Joslin works with Darrick Doerner. With eyes closed, Darrick makes his proprioception more acute. Hunter demonstrates Indo Board tricks and conveys some of his Indo Board knowledge that directly translates to better surfing; snowboard tips.

About Darrick Doerner:

Indo Board Letter of the Year

Wendi Baker's Inspiring Indo Board Letter

So excited!!! Got my Indo Board for my birthday. … I love it. Who knew 2 years ago I could hardly walk with a cane or even stand for that matter! Best therapy ever. I truly believe it has helped re-wire my brain and the way it works. I never thought I would see the day that I could walk or run normally again. … glad I was wrong. 😉 The neurologist will be so proud of me. I love my Indo Board!!! Thanks. – Wendi Baker

Indo Board Continuing Education Workshop at Catalyst Fitness

Indo Board Continuing Education Workshop at Catalyst Fitness

Register: BONUS! Save money by combining the workshop with an Indo Board Training Package.

Bill Sonnemaker and his Catalyst Fitness Team at their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, will host an Indo Board fitness workshop. Catalyst Fitness will be the Southeast headquarters for Indo Board CEU workshops. The first one is being planned for December 3, 2011! We look forward to a great turnout for this workshop!

Address: Catalyst Fitness
742 Ponce De Leon Place Northeast Atlanta, GA 30306
Date: December 3, 2011
Time: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM with an hour break for lunch.

About Bill Sonnemaker:

The Indo Board workshop is designed to help educate personal trainers, physical therapists, group fitness instructors, athletic trainers and other health and fitness professionals as to what systems and factors contribute to improving functional balance. This workshop will delve into how the direct relationship between balance, proprioception, postural awareness and kinetic chain stability relate to improving overall health and fitness. We will also discuss concepts such as functional balance training and instability resistance training while demonstrating how these training techniques can positively affect nearly every type of individual regardless of age, fitness level or athletic background. Finally, this workshop will provide practical, relevant and scientifically valid information that will assist you in gaining a better understanding of how improving functional balance can be achieved using the Indo Board in a program that enhances fitness, conditioning and strength.