INDO BOARD WORKSHOP – Westlake Village, CA 11-20-2010

Indo Board is proud to partner with Jon Ham of Fitness on the Run to launch our Continuing Education Workshops on the West Coast. Jon has many years of experience using the Indo Board as a tool with his high profile clients in the Los Angeles area. Jon is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from University of Illinois. Jon also competed on the Varsity Gymnastics Team and was a member of the team that finished 3rd in the NCAA Championships in 1998 and a Big Ten Championships bronze medal winner on the High Bar in 2001. Jon recognizes that the Indo Board brings a fun, totally unique and highly effective way of training balance, proprioception, core strength and kinetic chain stability and uses the Indo Board with every client that he trains.
‚ÄĘ ACE (American Council on Exercise) – 0.6
‚ÄĘ AFFA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) – 3.5
‚ÄĘ NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) – 0.7
‚ÄĘ NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Assoc.) – 0.6
‚ÄĘ ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) – .10
Course Objectives
Introduce the basic principles, applications and benefits of functional balance training.
Explain the concept of using functional balance training to improve neuromuscular response, proprioception, postural awareness and kinetic chain function for all clients from youth through seniors and non-athletes through competitive athletes.
Teach the proper methods of client assessment as it pertains to balance, proprioception, core stability and posture using Indo Board Balance Trainers.
Introduce Indo Board products and explain differences and variety of uses of each product as well as the differences between Indo Board products and other popular balance training products on the market.
Demonstrate the safest and most effective methods of using Indo Board products.
Introduce instability resistance training and demonstrate how these integrated exercises benefit clients.
Discuss and demonstrate scalability and progression of Indo Board exercises using each Indo Board product.
Discuss and demonstrate movements and exercises developed for:
Improving balance
Proprioceptive conditioning or retraining
Kinetic chain assessment
Conditioning and strengthening of specific muscle groups and joint structures
Conditioning and improving core strength
Injury prevention
Introduce a fun, innovative, safe and effective way for personal trainers to improve the quality of life of all clients through balance training.

Indo Board Talk with Jon Ham from Fitness On The Run and SUPtrainer.mp4

In this video¬†Jon Ham, Owner of Fitness On The Run and talking about why he likes the Indo Board and how he uses it every day in his training appointments with his clients for balance training. Jon is the author of “Fitness Training for Stand Up Paddle Surfing: A Conditioning Guide” and is a former NCAA gymnast for The University of Illinois.

Indo Board at IHRSA 2010

Last weekend the Indo Board crew attended the 2010 IHRSA (International Health, Racquet¬†and Sportsclub Association)¬†Trade Show at the San Diego Convention Center.¬† It was¬†the¬†first time we have exhibited at a major fitness industry tradeshow and the response was unreal.¬† Indo Board brought its unique brand of action sports balance training to a trade show that has traditionally been more about the weight machines that you see in most gyms and¬†old school “aerobics” ¬†style group fitness¬†classes.¬† Our unique blend of functional balance training mixed with our core, action-sports¬†mindset had people talking.¬† Attending the show for¬†Indo Board¬†were Indo Board Founder and President, Hunter Joslin, Vice President of Operations, Chip Martoccia and Indo Board Master Fitness Trainers, Jon Ham and You-Lee Rodriguez.¬† The Indo Board booth remained busy during the entire show with representatives from health clubs all over the world stopping by to¬†learn more about our unique balance training products.¬† Also on display were¬†some of the most intense and impressive balance training routines available.¬†¬†You-Lee Rodriguez, a highly sought after personal trainer out of New York City,¬†exhibited some¬†mind-blowing balance training techniques that had the crowd mesmerized.¬† Overall the show was a great success and a¬†big step in Indo Board’s quest to become a household name¬†in¬†the fitness industry.