Indo Board Monthly Newsletter, February 2018

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An Indo Board Valentine’s Day Special, Body and Mind Conference, Camp Shred,  Core Rotation Specialist Brandon Glade, SURF EXPO, Featured Workout, Featured Trick Video, SUP with Brand Ambassador Evelyn O’Doherty, Welcome New Team Rider Keaton Billings, and the Ginormous Indo Board.

Dear Indo Board community,
May the new year prove to be a positive and healthy one for you. And may love and balance be yours.

We’re very excited! On February 23 – 25th, we’ll be at B.A.M., Body and Mind Fitness Conference in Chico, California. If you can, come learn fun exercises with Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, Brand Ambassador, Bryan Twardus, owner of the Auburn Fit, and Brand Ambassador, Carol Shankland!  Hope you can come!

On that same weekend, Indo Board will also be in southern California on February 24 – 25 at Camp Shred! If you can, come see Indo Board VP, Chip Martoccia, and team rider, Calvin Martoccia, at Camp Shred at the San Elijo Campground in Cardiff, California!
Camp Shred is the largest surf demo in the world. Let Chip help you fine-tune your surfing posture on the Indo Board, and you’ll discover that you’ll be riding waves for longer periods of time on your next surf session.



February symbolizes Valentine’s Day! Give the love of your life the gift of balance! Get 10% Off any Indo Rocker Natural combination.


Meanwhile, here’s a bit of Valentine’s Day inspiration for you in this fun video clip.



How many of these tethered ball slams will you do like fitness professional, Brandon Glade? Have fun with this challenge. Click his image to see his incredible.



It’s Free The Feet Workout Week! How many squats will you do today with bare feet?


Challenge, Indoboarders! How many tricks can you put together without your Indo Board touching the ground? Team rider and pro flyboarder, Connor Brondes, takes it up a few notches at Surf Expo!


Welcome new team rider, Keaton Billings! Challenge, Indo Board athletes! Do your Rubics Cube and Indo Board at the same time like Keaton Billings, and then play your ukulele like team rider Connor Brondes!
If you can, come join Indo Board Brand Ambassador and team rider, Evelyn O’Doherty, and Marc Angelillo in Puerto Rico, April 10-15 for SUP Surfing skills and drills for performance and technique! For more information, click the photo.
Thank you to all of our friends and new friends who came to see us at Surf Expo! Left to Right: Connor Brondes, Hunter Joslin, Georgette Akai Austria, Heather Thomas, and Will Baker
Lastly, Team Rider, Connor Brondes gets INDO IT  on the world’s largest Indo Board with Hunter Joslin.

It’s Challenge Time, Indo Board FAM! ( turn up the volume so you can hear). How many times can you cross step?! Team Rider, Connor Brondes – gets schooled on the world’s largest -the ginormous Indo Board with Indo Board Man, Hunter Joslin! Fun time after #surfexpo. By the way, what do you think it feels like to get rolled in the big roller? The best answer wins an Indo Board key chain! 😊💪🤙🌎✌️Georgette @cbrondes10 . . . . . . #indoboard #indoboardhero #balanceboard #crossstep balancebasics #ginourmous #indoboards #surfing #flyboard #wakeboard #wakeskate #wakesurf #snowboard #ski #waterski #snowski #bjj #motocross #jiujitsu #fitness #coreworkout #surferlife #surfersparadise #surferstyle #funner #showyourbalance #optoutside #optoutdoors #balanceboards #bmx

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Georgette Akai Austria is the writer of the Indo Board Monthly Newsletter and is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship at Indo Board Balance Trainer.  She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she thanks you for signing up for the email list so that you, too, can receive the monthly newsletter. If you haven’t yet, sign up for the monthly newsletter! Find Georgette on her Facebook page here.

Happy and Healthy ❤ February to you!

The Original Indo Board Newsletter, June 2017


The Indo Board Newsletter, June 2017. We are always happy to hear from you 24/7. Call 321-777-6021


Indo Board was happy to be invited from event sponsor Quicksilver to demonstrate Indo Board products at the Quiksilver store on the Grande Plage right out in front of all the surfing action at the 2017 ISA World Surfing Games in Biarritz, France. Hunter Joslin, the inventor of the Indo Board and Nicola Cerciello (left), our number 1 European Master Trainer, gave demonstrations and provided valuable advice on Functional Training to improve Surfing Performance!
Find Indo Board Master Trainer Nicola Cerciello on his Facebook page here.

We were stoked to be at the World Surfing Games with Jim Hogan the coach of Team Costa Rica! In blue, Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin.
Our good friend, Peter Townend, was the very first ISA/ASP World Surfing Champion which began in 1976. He is now the coach of Team China, and Indo Board will be a part of their training program for the 2020 Summer Olympics! Surfing will finally be recognized as an Olympic sport! How cool is that!
Team England has been using Indo Boards for over 10 years as a part of their training regimen.
And here, Team Italia! Thank you, Quiksilver for having Indo Board at the in front of the Quiksilver Store on the Grand Plage at the 2017 ISA World Surfing Games Biarritz, France!
Lastly,  we are grateful to have spent time with Peter Townend (center) who has been working very diligently with Team China. Hunter Joslin (left) and Adriano Roldan (right) worked with 10 different International Teams including Argentina, Italy, Senegal, Afghanistan, Australia, Sweden, England, China, Morocco, Panama, and Japan! 


Hurry! Get 10% OFF the Indo Original FLO GF  this monthly only, June 2017 at The Indo Original FLO GF Natural features an all wood board with a large Indo Man logo on a fully textured deck and the IndoFLO Balance Cushion. The Original Indo Board and IndoFLO cushion is a mini gym in the comfort of your living room! (Includes Deck, IndoFLO Cushion & Demo DVD). 
This product is designed so that anyone can use it as there is no learning curve or risk of falling.  The 14″ IndoFLO cushion provides 360 degrees of instability that can be increased or decreased simply by changing the level of inflation of the cushion. This product is perfect for advanced fitness training, injury rehabilitation, physical therapy, senior fall prevention or as the perfect accessory for a stand-up workstation. Get yours here.


Challenge, Indo Board World Wide Community! How many wall ball squat variations will you do today? Fitness professional Bryan Twardus of Auburn Fit shows us how. Remember – don’t let the Indo Board touch the ground! Click here to see Bryan’s workout video. Come to and let Bryan Twardus, his wife Jaquelyn Twardus and team help you keep your workouts fun. Want to see more? Check out Auburn Fit’s Instagram page. 
How long can you balance on your Indo Board Pro on top of your IndoFLO® and Gigante Cushion? This exercise created by Indo Board Brand Ambassador, Suzie Cooney called the Suzie Floater is extremely challenging and fun! Demonstrating is Mike Miranda. This is super killer leg training! Find Suzie Cooney on her Instagram here.

Suzie offers training sessions using SKYPE. If youd like to train with Suzie, contact her at

How To Develop Shoulder and Core Strength with Indo Board Master Trainer and Brand Ambassador, Jim Leo with Racing Driver, Pippa Mann! Listen, watch, and learn in this informative video. 


In this video, Indo Board Team Rider, Trinity Lewis, shows us exercises on how to improve your air awareness.

For more amazing and fun tutorials, Click Trinity Lewis and follow him on his YouTube Channel.


While holding a weight, do a box jump on your Indo Board and IndoFLO® Cushion like Igor Morozov, one of the top ski jumpers in the world! Great work, Igor! See his video here.


How many seconds will you hold a plank position like Alise Isbell in this video? This is such a great core warm up exercise!

Remember you can practice stand up paddle board yoga on a dock when the water might be too cold or too choppy, or when you just want to keep your hair dry. Isn’t this a great view for Indo Yoga Board practice? Brand Ambassador, athlete, and yoga teacher, Evelyn O’Doherty, lives the dream.