The 12 Days of Indo Board – Day 10!

On the 11th Day of Christmas Indo Board Man is keeping it simple and showing our #1 best selling balance board, the

Original Natural Indo Board.

This is the board that started everything! 19 years ago Indo Board Man decided to pursue his dream and created the business Indo Board Balance Trainer. Here we are almost 20 years later and the Indo Original Natural is still the top seller.

Indo Board Man introducing the Original Indo Board.

The idea was an indoor surfing trainer and he coined the phrase “If you can’t go Outdo, gotta go Indo.” He originally marketed the Indo Board to help people who participated in board sports train in the comfort of their homes. Throughout the years the uses have expanded to include fitness training for virtually every sport there is, focusing on core strength and balance training. The benefits of using an Indo Board to train helps with injury prevention and in the case of injury then as a rehab tool.

The first video shows how to get started using the Indo Board

The second video highlights various balance board workouts you can do with the Indo Board.

The Indo Board has been used to train Olympic Athletes such as swimmer Aaron Piersol and Archer Jake Kaminsky.

Here is a video of Jake practicing on his Indo Balance Board before the 2012 Summer Olympics where the US Team won the Silver medal.

Winter Olympic Skier Si Ning Chan using the Indo Board at the US Olympic Training facility

While you train, you can have fun! Check out this video of  Eric Retterbush demonstrating various tricks you can do on your Indo Balance Board.

My favorite Indo Board trickster has to be Trinity Lewis. You have to see this video of the tricks he can do on his Indo Board!

Have a Balanced Day


The 12 Days of Indo Board – Day 6!

On the 6th Day of Christmas IndoBoard Man showed me

The Flo Cushion!

The IndoFLO cushion is insanely versatile! If you have an Indo Original, Rocker, or Mini original, you should get one of these.

You can also just purchase the Original Flo which comes with a board and an IndoFLO cushion.

You can watch this video of  IndoBoard Man explaining the Flo cushion.

The IndoFLO cushion is easy to start using with your board. It’s great for any age.

IndoBoard Man has used the IndoFLO to start anyone on a balance board, from his grandson to his 93 year old mother.

The IndoFLO cushion adds so much more to your Indo Board! You can use it with the board for a variety of excercises, both upper body, core and legs.

Check out this video showing some of the workouts you can do!

Indo Board Man even stands on the IndoFLO at his desk.

You can purchase the Flo Cushion by itself if you already have an Indo Board, you can by a Flo system which comes with the Indo Board and IndoFLO cushion or you can even purchase the training pack which includes the roller and the IndoFLO cushion.

The IndoFLO cushion is a great addition to help with strength training, core training, rehab, and crossfit.

You can see in this tutorial how you can use the IndoFLO GF to do squats.

Have a Balanced Day!


The 12 Days of Indo Board – Day 5!

On the 5th Day of Christmas IndoBoard Man showed me

The Indo Mini Pro!

The Mini Pro is a favorite of Snowboarders, Wakeboarders, and Wakesurfers!

Take a look at IndoBoard Man’s video about the Mini Pro

Pro Snowboarder Matt Ladley works out with the Mini pro in these two videos

Pro Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler also has trained with the Mini pro

You can also use this board for Cross Fit. Check out IndoBoard Man giving a demo to Valley Crossfit.

The Mini Pro is a versatile trainer for a variety of sports and exercise routines.

Don’t forget to check out our You Tube channel for workout routines and training videos!

Have a Balanced Day!


How To Pop Up On Your Original Indo Board with World Champion Waterski Jumper Ryan Dodd

How To Pop Up on the Original Indo Board using the IndFLO Cushion with World Champ Waterski Jumper, Ryan Dodd!
It’s Indo Board Challenge Time! From a kneeling position, pop up to your feet on your Original Indo Board with IndoFLO Cushion®️ like Indo Board Team Rider and World Champion Water Ski Jumper, Ryan Dodd! How many will you do? Tell a friend. Make yourself accountable! 🙂 Georgette

Want more? Find Ryan Dodd at

Professional Athlete at SeaDek Marine Nonskid
Professional Athlete at Nautique Boat Company, Inc.

Professional Athlete at WSWC
Studied Marketing and Management at ULM Business
Married to Breanne Dodd

Your Pushups Just Got Wobbly

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