3 ways to start off on your New Years Resolutions with Indo Board!

You can start your year off right and tackle those New Years Resolutions with the Indo Board Balance Board.

The easiest way of making your resolutions pay off with the Indo Board is to simply start using it! 

The journey to getting fit with the help of the Indo Board starts with working on your core strength. Indo Board Man demonstrates the basics in this video.

The easiest way to start out with the roller is to hold on to something like a counter, couch, or chair and practice not letting the deck touch the ground. It will take a little time to get used to the motion but you are already getting a work out! The learning curve is usually very quick and lots of FUN.


Use your Indo FLO at your desk.

Don’t have a lot of free time to exercise? Stuck at the office long hours? Why not bring your Indo Board Balance Board and IndoFLO cushion to the office!

Indo Board Man stands on the Indo Rocker FLO while he attends to the daily operations of Indo Board.

You can start by standing on the IndoFLO for a few minutes out of every hour. Maybe try standing while you do a specific task like checking emails or on a conference call. The IndoFLO makes getting a workout in the office a snap! You will burn up to 120 extra calories an hour as well as improve your overall posture and realize increased productivity.


Keep it up! 

Achieving a goal is much easier if it’s a fun and engaging activity! It can seem almost effortless when all you have to do is continue to use the Indo Board Balance Trainer! Start off by riding the board 10 minutes a day and then increase it! Ride the Indo Board while you watch sports, your favorite show or playing the new Star Wars Battlefront. Practice makes perfect and riding the Indo Board daily will help you improve your overall core fitness and leg strength. Check out our youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/indoboard

Once you are able to keep the board from touching the ground, go to the next step! Add more difficulty. Grab some barbells or a kettle bell and do some lifts while on your board. Below are several examples of exercises you can do with weights on an Indo Board Balance Board. Also don’t forget to do pushups and planks for an excellent upper body workout!

Remember Life is all about Balance!


Indo Board and FIT FOR YOU Class

Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, traveled to FIT FOR YOU located in Travis City, Michigan, to conduct Indo Board Training seminars. Take a look at these fun video tutorials.
The Indo Board and FIT FOR YOU Class
Hunter’s Flip Up  
Free Style with Hunter 
The Hardest and the Most Fun Plank You’ll Ever Do 

Thank you, FIT FOR YOU, for your outstanding support!
1226 S Garfield Ave
Traverse City, Michigan
Call (231) 922-7285

Indo Board pushup with a Glass of Water Centered on your board to get real Feedback. Brilliant!

Indo Board Hero, lyengar yoga teacher, and bassists, Johnny Colt of rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, helps you to get real feedback! Place a glass of water in the center of your Indo Board. In a plank position, lower yourself till your chest touches the glass – then pushup – into a plank while keeping the glass of water undisturbed ( theoretically). Thanks, Johnny, for your brilliant Indo Board tip! – Georgette

Indo Board pushup with a glass of water centered on your board to get real feedback. Brilliant!
Indo Board pushup with a glass of water centered on your board to get real feedback. Brilliant!

Indo Board training with Battle Ropes

Below are some examples of how to take your battle rope workout to the next level.  Indianapolis Colts running back Donald Brown and professional sprint car racer Lynsey Tilton use the Indo Board Balance Trainer to improve their core strength, balance, agility and kinetic chain stability all while getting an intense full body workout with ropes.  In the videos below Donald Brown uses the Indo Original FLO GF with the IndoFLO cushion under the Original deck while Lynsay Tilton ups the ante by using the Indo Board Pro with a Pro roller underneath the Pro deck. The workouts in the video are taking place at Pit Fit Training in Indianapolis. Pit Fit is run by Jim Leo and is the place where serious athletes in Indianapolis train.  This workout is not for the faint of heart so check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Indo Board at Black House MMA

Black House is not your average training facility. More than a group of fighters, Black House is a private facility where the elite MMA athletes converge and train.  Black House is more than a team, more than a gym – Black House is a place where the athletes unite and use the best training tools available.  Indo Board Balance Trainers are used by Black House athletes to improve balance, stability, core strength and agility.   

Hunter Joslin gives friend Junior Seau a surfing lesson on the Original Indo Board and Gigante Cushion

Just 7 weeks after hip resurfacing surgery, Hunter saw friend and retired NFL star Junior Seau at the Hawaiian Pro Design surfboard factory in Oceanside, California and gave Junior a surf lesson on the Original Indo Board and Gigante Cushion. Afterward, they went for a morning surf in Oceanside near Junior’s home.
Hunter and  newcomer Junior Seau are both Team Riders for the legendary surfer and shaper Donald Takayama. Donald is President and Founder of  Hawaiian Pro Designs. Hunter has been a HPD Team Rider since 1975.
About Donald Takayama: www.hawaiianprodesigns.com/
Junior Seau’s pride and joy: www.juniorseau.org/
In these images, Hunter Joslin gives Junior Seau an Indo Board surf lesson while  the legendary Donald Takayama looks on.

Todd Durkin, Fitness Quest 10 owner on the Indo Board

Todd Durkin, owner of the Fitness Quest 10 training facility in San Diego, CA puts himself through a serious workout using the Indo Board and the TRX  Suspension Training system.  Todd and his staff are experimenting with how Indo Board Balance Trainers will benefit their clients in a number of different applications including; functional balance training, proprioceptive conditioning,  improving joint stability, reducing injuries, and increasing overall core strength.   After watching Todd put his clients through their workouts it is no wonder why athletes such as Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Quentin Jammer, Reggie Bush, Carson Palmer and many others trust Todd with their fitness training.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Training prevents sports injuries.

There is no shortage of scientific studies that confirm that proprioceptive neuromuscular training prevents sports-related injuries but a recent review of seven of these “high-quality studies” further confirms the evidence.   The specific type of proprioceptive neuromuscular training varies in the studies but they all typically included movements and exercises that can be performed on Indo Board products.  This includes, using balance devices, wobble boards, core stability exercises, strength training and agility training just to name a few.  To see the review and summaries of each of the seven studies CLICK HERE

proprioceptive neuromuscular training on the indo board
Indo Board balance training