Jiu Jitsu World Champion, Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles on his Indo Board

Rubens_Cobrinha_ Charles

Find Rubens in Los Angeles, California, where he teaches brazilian jiu jitsu at Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness. www.cobrinhaonline.com/ Happy weekend. Georgette

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Indo Board on the Today Show

Did you see #IndoBoard Man Hunter Joslin yesterday on the #TodayShow doing his guerrilla marketing tactics? In 1998, small business man Hunter Joslin officially began his business in a spare bedroom in Melbourne Beach, Florida with 10 thousand dollars he borrowed from the bank. Since there wasn’t much room in the bedroom, we’d line the rollers up in the kitchen (!!!) with good friend Lance Albers as we three meticulously placed the stickers centered on the rollers. If we were off by a millimeter – Hunter would let you know it! As the business grew, so did the cardboard boxes that contained the boards and rollers which literally took over the house. Yes, I think it’s fair to say we once lived in a cardboard box. In all sincerity, I hope that the Indo Board has brought you a sense of joy, a healthier body, a sense of confidence, and a few good laughs because, essentially, that is Hunter’s purpose despite the unconventional marketing tactics. Thank you, Tom Dugan of Eastern Surf Magazine for letting us use your photos http://www.easternsurf.com/. Happy day everyone. – Georgette

Indo Board on the Today Show
Indo Board on the Today Show

Indo Board on the Today Show
Indo Board on the Today Show