How To Indo Board Jump Rope, Hang 10 Jump, Unicycle, Nunchuck, and More with Trinity Lewis

In this video, Team Rider, Trinity Lewis shows us how to jump rope, back flip, hang 10 jump, unicycle jump, nunchuck on the Indo Board, and forward flip off of the Roller. Would you like to see more fun videos like this one? Please follow Trinity Lewis on his Youtube channel at 🙂 Georgette

After school indoboarding clubs going well in North Dorset

Getting children active and preventing childhood obesity is what the Indo Board Balance Trainer is all about. The indofitness program is designed to keep children active and teach them balance training, better coordination, improve their strength and conditioning and most of all introduce a fun and effective youth exercise program. These programs have been extremely successful in the United Kingdom thanks to Indo Europes Master Trainier Kevin Hubble.