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How To Take Your Snowboarding, Skiing, Surfing, Skateboarding, Longboarding And Every Kind Of Board Sport and Traditional Sports To The Next Level.

We love Indo Boards because they work to help us to be exponentially better at what we love to do: snowboard, ski, surf, skateboard, SUP – including other extreme sports like bmx, motocross, and jiu jitsu, to traditional sports like golf, nascar, and football. We can even make your company culture a better and healthier place with our Stand Up Desk Package. We can even help you with your yoga practice. We’re all about core and balance training and keeping fitness fun. Core and balance training are integral aspects for every kind of person from novice, professional athlete to – you name it.¬† Which is why Indo Board works for everyone. Across the board.
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Indo Board Training with Mads Jonsson

Yesterday we had the pleasure of working with snowboarding World Record Holder (longest jump : 187 feet) Mads Jonnson and his personal fitness/strength and conditioning coach, Paul Hiniker.¬† Mads is considered one of the best¬†freeride¬†snowboarders¬†in the world and¬†has the good fortune of working with reknown action sports trainer¬†Paul Hiniker.¬†¬†Paul is not only incredibly well educated when it comes to improving¬†performance in board sports athletes,¬†but as you can see in the video he walks the walk too!¬†¬†Paul put Mads through a series of exercises on the¬†new IndoFLO¬†Gigante’ cushion¬†with the¬†Indo Mini Pro deck¬†on top of the cushion.¬† According to Paul, these products create an environment of¬†instability that almost exactly simulates the unstable environment that one encounters¬†in¬†board sports.¬† This instability¬†forces Mads to activate¬†and strengthen the stabilization structures of the feet, ankles, knees and core.¬† The end result is a workout that challenges¬†Mads’ strength, stability, fitness and neuromuscular response.¬†¬†You may notice that Mads is currently¬†nursing a broken humerus¬†and has very little use¬†of his¬†left arm and shoulder.¬† His ability to perform these exercises with this injury not only speaks volumes about his talent and fitness but also¬†illustrates the¬†fact that balance and stability have very little to do with¬†upper body movement and everything to do¬†with proper form and posture and effective use of the¬†legs, hips and core (torso).¬† Visit¬†the Indo Board YouTube¬†channel¬†to see more videos¬†highlighting¬†the use of Indo Board products¬†in action sports¬†training.