Step 1: The easiest way to accomplish a Shuvit is to position the deck off center so that the side rail of the board exposes one strip of the roller’s grip tape. Your feet should be positioned about 12 inches apart.
Step 2: Use the edge of the roller as a pivot point.
Step 3: Kick the board with the heeel of one foot and the ball of your other foot as you unweight.
Step 4: The longer you can stay unweighted the better chance you have of landing the Shuvit. Try to land with both feet simultaneously on the board, directly centered over the roller.
That’s it! How to perform a “Shuv-it” on the Indo Board.
Step 1 - Shuvit
Step 1
Step 2 - Shuvit
Step 2
Step 3 - Shuvit
Step 3
Step 4 - Shuvit
Step 4

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