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The Indo Original GF is the most versatile balance trainer in the market place. Ankle, knee and hip rehab programs are easily adapted to the Indo Board Balance trainer. The ability to change the amount of instability in a matter of seconds is not found in any “wobble board” or baps board. The size of the deck allows for a wide variety of stance widths to match the requirements of the rehabilitation exercises prescribed to the patient.

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I have found the Indo Board to be helpful in the training of balance for the entire body, as well as the activation of muscles (particularly the core/abdominals, pelvis, hips and lower extremities). Usage of the board regularly exposes imbalances which may otherwise go unnoticed. The Indo Board has also been helpful in the reassessment of patients with injuries and or weaknesses, since their healing and progression enables better performance on the device.
– Thomas Riggs,
M. Sc., PT, Sports Medicine at Chelsea

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