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Indo P.E. StudentsThe Indo Board is an exciting and dynamic addition to any
P.E. class, athletic program, or youth group.

The Indo Board Balance Trainer engages the mind as well as the body, while encouraging the student to embrace new challenges. This enhances life-long wellness by developing characteristics such as problem solving, goal setting, courage, positive risk taking, perseverance, will power, patience, confidence, and self-esteem.
40% to 60% of students have no desire to participate in tradional P.E. due to their interest being in alternative sports, so it is hard to motivate them.” “With the Indo Board, they can have a surf, skate, or snow experience with a huge fun factor while getting the valuable exercise kids need.”
Hunter Joslin, owner and president of Indo Board Balance Trainer

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The Indo Board Curriculum Guide focuses on the individual, unlike traditional P.E. programs concentrating on team sports, allowing students to progress comfortably at their own pace. Moreover, because it simulates the experience of action sports, students who try the Indo Board become instantly hooked by how fun it is, motivating them to continue a regular fitness activity.
Physical Education Curriculum Guide and Lesson Plan

The new Indo Board Physical Education Curriculum booklet and instructional DVD is now available!Indo P.E. Curriculum Guide and DVD

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Hunter Joslin, creator of the Indo Board, along with a team of education professionals, developed the unique instructional program for grades K through college, called the Indo Board Curriculum Guide and Lesson Plan. The curriculum adheres to all of the National Standards for Physical Education and combines the fun of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding with the physical benefits of core conditioning, making it the perfect tool to get all students excited about fitness.
Covering everything from first steps to extreme maneuvers, our curriculum guide and lesson plan is perfect for incorporation into the “New P.E.” teaching programs.

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Video clip, the Indo New P.E.
Listen to what Kalama Intermediate School is saying about the Indo Board
and their “New P.E.” teaching program.

Leighton Nakamoto, a P.E. teacher at Samuel Enoka Kalama Intermediate School in Hawaii, found his kids experienced the Indo Board obsession after purchasing an Indo Board and allowing students to try it. This led him to obtain a larger quantity of boards to begin incorporating them as part of his regular P.E. program.
The Indo Board was so well-received by my students, I approached the administration to further my purchase of additional boards. The coolest part is seeing the non-athletes having a great time, learning about core stability, and actually asking to do it more often.”, said Mr. Nakamoto.
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