Shoe Ollie
We get a lot of queries about this – so here is the definitive guide!
It is not any different to ollie on the Indo Board than on a skateboard. Most find it easier to ollie with shoes on.
Position the ball of your back foot on the very end of the deck and your front foot just past the center of the deck.
Get comfortable with your stance and concentrate!
You must remember to get very low, that means compressed, with knees deeply bent. Then, as you begin to slightly roll the Indo Board forward, pop up as high as possible.
Allow your front foot to slide up the board as you lift your back foot. The hardest part to master is the timing, but it comes with practice.
Step 1 - Ollie
Step 1
Step 2 - Ollie
Step 2
Step 3 - Ollie
Step 3
Step 4 - Ollie
Step 4

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