IndoFlo Exercises

IndoFLO® – One Foot Balance Exercise
One foot exercise is great for rehab of ankle and knee injuries as well as overall strength training.

  • Start by placing one foot on the very end of the Indo Board and the other foot exactly over the center of the IndoFLO® cushion. If you are off center the board will be nearly impossible to balance successfully on one foot.
  • Once your feet are placed correctly with equal pressure on both feet, slowly shift your body alignment and weight over the foot you have in the center of the deck. When you are properly centered the board will come off the ground easily. Engage your core along with your ankle and knee to stabilize the Indo Board.

One Foot Balance Exercise
IndoFLO® – Miscellaneous Exercises
The IndoFLO® fits perfectly into any integrated training program.
You can perform single and two legged movements such as squats, lunges, and step routines. In addition, upper body work such as push ups, floor back bridges, stabiltiy ball routines, and cable or pulley machine workouts are greatly enhanced when using the IndoFLO® balance cushion in conjunction with any of our balance board decks.
Miscellaneous Exercises
Miscellaneous Exercises

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