Health and fitness begins with exercise and physical activity.

Using the Indo Board for fun or as a serious workout helps develop balance, coordination, and increased leg strength, while enhancing the all important core fitness. It also improves motor skills making the Indo Board a great cross training tool for a variety of sports, from extreme boardsports to all mainstream sports which require agility and innate balance and coordination.
“Balance is the single most important component of athletic ability because of its implicit involvement in nearly all forms of movement.”
from the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, Vol. 9, No. 4, 2000

IndoFLO® Exercises

Tara Benzel - Squats Tara Benzel - Bands Tara Benzel - Medicine Ball Tara Benzel - Medicine Ball
Tomas Anthony - Pushup 1 Tomas Anthony - SPushup 2Tomas Anthony - LungTomas Anthony - Squats

See more IndoFLO® Exercises or checkout the IndoFLO® Balance Stimulator instruction manual.

Riding the Indo Board
Molly - Tube Stance
Mollie Miller

The Indo Board can be used wherever an open 6 feet wide surface area is available, indoors or out (a carpeted area is recommended). The learning curve for most enthusiasts is about 5-15 minutes to master basic control of the device.
For those ready to progress to a higher perfomance level, or for taller Indo Board enthusiasts, the larger Indo Pro model provides increased surface area on the board, thus making it a more challenging and entertaining ride.

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