Talent Tuesday! Check out Indo Board Rider Ahlee Dee!

On this Tuesday, we invite you to check out Indo Board Rider Ahlee Dee! She has some serious skills! Ahlee Dee travels all over the US participating in music and arts festivals with her crowd pleasing Indo Board and Hula Hoop skills! We are so very stoked to have her as an Indo Board Ambassador!


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She uploaded a couple videos showing off what she can do while riding her Indo Board at the Disc Jam Music Festival. Check them out below!


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Wasn’t it awesome how she flipped the board onto the roller! The next two videos are of her performing at the Okeechobee Music and Arts Fest.


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She never ceases to amaze people with her Indo Board and her hoops!


Do you have an amazing Indo Board talent? We would love to see it! You can send us videos and photos through Instagram by tagging us using @indo_board or message us through our facebook page! Also don’t forget to check out our You Tube Channel!


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INDO BOARD With Someone You Love

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Good Bye February!

Alas, it is the last day of February! March and spring are just around the corner! Keep an eye out for a new Indo Board Special tomorrow! But before we get to March, we are wrapping up February by highlighting our awesome Indo Board fans sharing their love of the Indo Board with their friends and family. The family that plays together stays together, and what better activity than using the Indo Board Balance Board!

First, Team Rider Keaton Billings shows a friend how to use the Indo Board Original.

Next, Indo Board Ambassador Brian Twardus and his kids show how they Indo It together! Check out his skills!

Our awesome fans continue with Chris (@chrisattack111) shows off his dance moves with his little buddy on the Indo Original.

Kelsey (@kelsobg) shows how to do couples Indo Board. Reminds me a little of pairs ice skating!

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For our final video, Greg shared the skills of his daughter Mia. She is doing a great job balancing on the Indo Board while her little brother is in the background trying to steal the spotlight with his nerf gun. Go Mia go!

If you enjoy the Indo Board with your family, be sure to tag us!

We love to see our fans and their Indo skills!

#indoboard, @indoboard on Instagram!

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Let’s Move Monday with INDO BOARD Squat Holds

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Take Squats to the next level with Indo Board!

Looking to challenge your workout? Add an Indo Board Original Training pack to your reps!

You can check out our You Tube Channel to look at the full array of workout tutorials but I have two I want to show you today.

Trainer Kristina introduces how to do a Squat Hold using the Indo Board. Squats are one of the most important exercises to have in your workout and adding instability increases the positive results dramatically. The most important aspect of doing squats correctly is paying strict attention to form and posture throughout the movement skill.

The video below is for the beginner.

These videos on our You Tube Channel takes you through various levels of difficulty for each workout highlighted.

Each video progressively gets more difficult. The video below is the next step after the Beginner video.

The video series about Squat Holds have 4 videos showing 3 different levels of difficulty. Watch them and see how many levels you can progress to with the Indo Board Squat Hold!

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Happy Valentine’s Day – INDO BOARD is Great for Family Fun!

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you are able to celebrate with your loved ones. The Indo Board is great family fun. If you’re stuck indoors because of weather, bust out the Indo Board and show off your skills like these Instagram posts! We love when our Indo Enthusiast’s share their love of riding with us.

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Scott Truitt posted this great pic of his daughters getting ready for the summer by practicing on their Indo Pro Sunburst.

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Ty shows his cousin how fun riding the Indo Board Original can be! It also adds a degree of difficulty to add more wight when you are riding.

Jennifer is starting her daughter early learning to balance on the Indo Board.

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Audrey enlists the help of her fur buddy to train on her Indo Board Original.

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I love this video! Mia is showing off her great skills on the Indo Board Original while her brother is trying to steal the show with his nerf gun! What an entertaining evening!

Have an awesome Valentine’s Day and remember Life is About Balance


Lindsay Vonn’s 2018 Olympic Balance Training

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Lindsay Vonn Olympic Balance Training Workout

With the start of the Winter Olympics tonight, lets check out this video of Lindsey Vonn’s workout routine she did to get ready for the 2018 Olympic season. I think you will see a familiar Balance Board. You will see in the video that Lindsey’s workout is very comprehensive working her entire body with a mixed bag of exercises with and without weights. Lindsay uses the Indo Board Balance Trainer for a fun hand-eye coordination drill.

Whether you are training for your Olympic dream or training so you can have better core strength and balance, check out our Indo Board YouTube Channel for more workout videos!

Remember Life is About Balance!


Functional Movement Workouts Using the Indo Board Mini Kicktail

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Using the Indo Board Mini Kicktail

The Mini Kicktail was designed for skateboarders who want to do BIG tricks, first and foremost,  but I bet you didn’t know the Mini Kicktail can also be used to help you get a great functional movement workout! Recently, Bob Guenther and Kim White learned first hand what you can do with the Mini Kicktail. The small size of the deck allows for some very interesting and challenging options when doing planks, pushups, split squats and so much more.

Indo Board Man, Hunter Joslin demonstrates exercises on the Mini Kicktail.

In the next video, Indo Board Man demonstrates a plank on the Mini Kicktail

Remember Life is About Balance!


Indo Balance Board 2018 Surf Expo, Orlando – Wrap-Up

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Conner Brondes – Surf Expo

Indo Board has been exhibiting at the Surf Expo in Orlando ever since the company started in 1998. Every year we are floored with the Indo Board Balance Trainer enthusiasts who demonstrate their skills on our Indo Boards. This year Indo Board team rider Conner Brondes blew us away with his awesome riding skills and ability level. He has been riding an Indo Board since he was 8 years old when he received one for his birthday. Conner proudly professes to anyone who wants to know that the Indo Board changed his life forever. It turned him into a dedicated “Board Sports” enthusiast. He took up skateboarding, wakeboarding and wakesurfing all because of the Indo Board. Progress to now and Conner Brondes is a Professional Fly Boarder.  He dazzled the Surf Expo patrons with his Indo Board tricks, music and extremely friendly personality.

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Go follow Conner Brondes on Instagram to see more of his awesome pics! His fluid transitions from trick to trick, and rarely if ever touching the ground during his runs, separates Conner from everyone else!

Challenge, Indoboarders! How many tricks can you put together without letting your Indo Board touching the ground? Team rider, Connor Brondes takes it up a few notches! 😊💪🤙🌎✌️Georgette……#indoboard #balanceboard #flyboard #indoboardhero #ukuleli @cbrondes10 ……


In the Video, Conner is on the Pro Surf Classic while holding a ukulele as he keeps the board from touching the ground.

Then in this next video, Conner is hanging 10 on an Indo Original and playing his ukulele while another Indo Rider, Keaton Bennings, is riding the Indo Pro Surf Classic while solving a Rubik’s Cube.

Welcome new team rider, Keaton Billings! Challenge, Indo Board athletes! Do your Rubics Cube and Indo Board at the same time and then play your ukulele like team rider Connor Brondes! If you can, come see us at #SURFEXPO at Booth #909 ! Come play! Happy Saturday! 😊💪🤙🏄🏽‍♀️🌎✌️Georgette @cbrondes10 @thats_so_keaton ……#indoboard #indoboardhero #balanceboard #balance #rubicscube #surfing #wakeboarding #skimboarding #flyboarding #sup #standuppaddle #wakesurfing #wakeskating #skateboarding #sk8 #coreworkout #corefitness #fitness #showyourbalance #fun #saturday #bjj #moto #supercross #jiujitsu #ukulele


Talk about an all around workout for your core and your brain!

The last video of Conner we took, he did a Popshuvit 180° on the Indo Original.

It’s Saturday Popshuvit 180° Time! 😜🎉 Team rider Connor Brondes nails it! #BOOM Have fun with this challenge, Indoboarders! And if you can, come see us today at Surf Expo, Booth #909 at the Orlando Convention Center. Come play! 😊💪🤙🏄🏽‍♀️🌎✌️Georgette @cbrondes10 ……#indoboard #balanceboard #indoboardhero #popshuit #popshuvit180 #popshoveit #popshoveit180 #surfing #skateboarding #wakeboarding #skimboarding #wakeskate #wakesurf #snowboarding #crosstraining #sk8 #gym #indoboards #moto #motocrosss #bjj #jiujitsu #crossfit #workout


If you want to see more videos of Indo Riders and fans doing tricks on the Indo Board, head over to our Facebook, Instagram and You Tube Channel.

Remember, Life Is About Balance!

– Shellby

Indo Board Master Instructor Training with Bob Guenther & Kim White

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Indo Board Master Instructor Training

A couple weeks ago, Bob Guenther and Kim White from Fit For You Gym in Traverse City, Michigan made the trip down to the Indo Board Balance Trainer HQ to train with Indo Board Man. They spent a couple days with Indo Board Man and were certified Master Instructors of Indo Board.

During their training, Indo Board Man, showed them several exercises to try out with their classes on various Indo Boards. In the video below, Master Instructor Indo Board Man is showing Bob how to use the Gigante cushion and Kicktail Pro to train for Stand Up Paddleboard. Indo Board Man is showing Bob how to simulate paddling on a SUP with the proper form which is top hand directly above the bottom hand.


In the next video, Indo Board man shows how he uses a kettle bell to add difficulty to doing a squat on an Indo Board Original Barefoot. The Indo Balance Board offers an interesting mental challenge to a normal squat. Then ad resistance in the form of a kettlebell and you really up the challenge both physically and mentally.

The Fit For You Gym gave them an awesome welcome home up returning to Michigan!

If you are in the Traverse City area, check out Fit For You‘s website to see when you can train with Bob and Kim with the Indo Board Balance Board Training System.!


Congrats to Bob and Kim for becoming Indo Board Certified Master Instructors!

Keep checking back for more videos from their training sessions!

If you are a trainer and interested in becoming a certified Indo Board Trainer, email us at contact@indoboard.com.

Remember, Life is About Balance!


Fit Friday! Indo Board Push-Ups

Fit Friday!

Today we will discuss the Indo Board Push Up! This is a great way to take a push up and add difficulty by adding instability. Now the push up can be done using either the roller or the Indo FLO cushion. Up on our You Tube Channel you can find several videos helping you accomplish the proper form and different levels of difficulty you can add to an Indo Board push up.

In the video below, trainer Chris shows you the basics to starting an Indo Board push up. He starts out with just the board on the ground and then shows you how to progress from the cushion to the roller in later videos in the series.

Another variation to the push up is the push up plank. Kristina shows you level by level how to start a push up plank with the Indo Board in the video below.


Next, you can see an example of doing push ups on the roller in this video by Hitkbfit.

Another variation of an Indo Board push up is shown in this video by Coach Robb Beams. He uses the Rocker and FLO cushion and places his feet on the board instead of his arms.

You can check out our You Tube channel for even more push up tutorials!



Indo Board Man Brings Out The Mega Indo Board


This weekend, after the cold front in Florida finally subsided and the weather was nice again, Indo Board Man showed off the legendary, one of a kind, Mega Indo Board. This is a Balance Board on steroids! The Roller is 36 inches in diameter used with a custom made 10 foot plank. Good to get your Pirate on by walking the plank!! The Mega Indo Board is the ultimate Longboard Indo Board.  This is in Indo Board Man’s personal collection and is only brought out for special occasions.

Indo Board Man’s friend from Indianapolis, team rider and Indo Board Brand Ambassador Heather Thomas shot the video of the Indo Board Man showing off his awesome skills. This was happening while Heather’s, husband Will, stood by taking it all in because he was keen to try to ride it himself.

Indo Board Man demonstrates his ability to walk the full length of the giant board. Indo Board Man also shows his control and throws in some lunges at the top of the board. The roller itself weighs over a hundred pounds. It takes a lot of strength to get this giant roller to move.

In the next video, Will Baker decides to try his moves out on the Mega Indo Board

 As you can see from the video, it takes a running start for Will to get enough momentum to move the giant roller. This board only gets to come out for special guests who crave the rush of being in a precarious situation!.

The Mega Indo Board roller has a few other uses as well. You can have a person hanging out in the roller as someone rides to add even more difficulty or you can take the roller for a spin by anchoring yourself inside. It’s quite a ride!

While the Mega Indo Board is one of a kind, if you want to get better at walking the board and cross stepping, you should check out the Indo Pro.

This is the Surf Classic edition which the print is made to look like an Old School Longboard Surfboard

Remember Life is About Balance!