Work Out Wednesday Inspiration!

It’s workout Wednesday! Our Indo fans over on Instagram post videos of their awesome workouts using the Indo Board. I have pulled a few to give you a couple new ideas how the Indo Board can help you in your exercise routine.


Roberto Manfredi shows us how he and his gym partner pass a ball to each other without the board touching the ground.

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Sammy uses the Indo Board to work on his hand eye coordination which helped him when he pitched in college. 10 years later, he still uses the Indo Board in his exercise routine.


Holly Hox sent us in a picture of her doing a squat and holding it for as long as she could on the Indo Board


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Summer Foster takes it to another level. She is holding a weighted ball while doing squats to add even more difficulty to her work out.


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Finally Bryan Twardus shows us how much of a badass he is on his Indo Board. He’s lifting 101lbs!


We love to see what our amazing fans can do! Share your Indo Board Pictures and Videos on Instagram @ind0_board and #indoboard!

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I got to spend time with my friend and team rider, Trinity Lewis. He is an amazing young man who has a great and bright future. During our conversation, I asked him what he loved about INDO BOARD.

” What makes me so interested in INDO BOARD is it gives me an opportunity to create my own moves. The creative part of any art form is always the most important part. Creativity is the mother of all art. When you create something you give life to it. Creativity is not from the mind, it is from the soul. There is no point in copying others move. You must create your own style. Creativity is what will set you apart from the rest.”

Trinity’s set of skills are incredible. Take a look at his two latest videos.

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How Do You Indo?

Today lets take a look at how some of our Indo Board Enthusiasts show off their Indo Board Skills!

Cheney Crowe practices her split on her Indo Original!

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Trinity Lewis back flips onto his Indo Pro


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Bryan Twardus shows massive skills balancing on 2 Indo Boards and 3 medicine balls!


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Team Rider Robert Cosmo Consulmagno balances on one foot and shoots a basket off his Indo Board!


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Indo Board Man and the Quest for a New Hip Part 7

Indo Board Man spent the first night alone on Sunday, three days after his hip surgery. He stopped using the prescription pain meds but was complaining of swelling in his leg. Ibuprofen to the rescue! With the help of Ibuprofen, he slept better and continued his exercises and recovery with the help of walks from his “personal trainer” (his two year old grandson).

His personal trainer also helped him make the phone calls to set up therapy and home nursing. His nurse and therapist were both impressed with his recovery.

Six days post op, with the okay from the therapist, he dropped the walker in favor of a walking stick. He took walks up to the next block and back.

He also drove his van for the first time! This hip replacement was only slightly slowing him down. He was more at risk of doing too much to soon than any other complication.

Throwback to Indo Board Man’s Hip Resurfacing part 3- the rehab

We are two days away from Indo Board Man’s hip replacement. He is preparing by watching you tube videos of the surgery. We should know today or tomorrow what time the surgery will be. In preparation for the surgery, we are taking a look back at the video blog of Indo Board Man’s hip resurfacing 8 years ago.

We left off last week with Indo Board Man getting a ride home via ambulance. Today we will look at the first few days home and the post op appointment.

Tomorrow we will see the last parts of the blog before we start the Hip replacement videos.

Remember Balance is Everything!


Talent Tuesday! Check out Indo Board Rider Ahlee Dee!

On this Tuesday, we invite you to check out Indo Board Rider Ahlee Dee! She has some serious skills! Ahlee Dee travels all over the US participating in music and arts festivals with her crowd pleasing Indo Board and Hula Hoop skills! We are so very stoked to have her as an Indo Board Ambassador!

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She uploaded a couple videos showing off what she can do while riding her Indo Board at the Disc Jam Music Festival. Check them out below!

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Wasn’t it awesome how she flipped the board onto the roller! The next two videos are of her performing at the Okeechobee Music and Arts Fest.

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She never ceases to amaze people with her Indo Board and her hoops!
Do you have an amazing Indo Board talent? We would love to see it! You can send us videos and photos through Instagram by tagging us using @indo_board or message us through our facebook page! Also don’t forget to check out our You Tube Channel!
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INDO BOARD With Someone You Love

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Good Bye February!

Alas, it is the last day of February! March and spring are just around the corner! Keep an eye out for a new Indo Board Special tomorrow! But before we get to March, we are wrapping up February by highlighting our awesome Indo Board fans sharing their love of the Indo Board with their friends and family. The family that plays together stays together, and what better activity than using the Indo Board Balance Board!

First, Team Rider Keaton Billings shows a friend how to use the Indo Board Original.

Next, Indo Board Ambassador Brian Twardus and his kids show how they Indo It together! Check out his skills!

Our awesome fans continue with Chris (@chrisattack111) shows off his dance moves with his little buddy on the Indo Original.

Kelsey (@kelsobg) shows how to do couples Indo Board. Reminds me a little of pairs ice skating!

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For our final video, Greg shared the skills of his daughter Mia. She is doing a great job balancing on the Indo Board while her little brother is in the background trying to steal the spotlight with his nerf gun. Go Mia go!

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Let's Move Monday with INDO BOARD Squat Holds

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Take Squats to the next level with Indo Board!

Looking to challenge your workout? Add an Indo Board Original Training pack to your reps!

You can check out our You Tube Channel to look at the full array of workout tutorials but I have two I want to show you today.

Trainer Kristina introduces how to do a Squat Hold using the Indo Board. Squats are one of the most important exercises to have in your workout and adding instability increases the positive results dramatically. The most important aspect of doing squats correctly is paying strict attention to form and posture throughout the movement skill.

The video below is for the beginner.

These videos on our You Tube Channel takes you through various levels of difficulty for each workout highlighted.

Each video progressively gets more difficult. The video below is the next step after the Beginner video.

The video series about Squat Holds have 4 videos showing 3 different levels of difficulty. Watch them and see how many levels you can progress to with the Indo Board Squat Hold!

Remember Life is About Balance!