Indo Board Man and the Quest for a New Hip Part 7

Indo Board Man spent the first night alone on Sunday, three days after his hip surgery. He stopped using the prescription pain meds but was complaining of swelling in his leg. Ibuprofen to the rescue! With the help of Ibuprofen, he slept better and continued his exercises and recovery with the help of walks from his “personal trainer” (his two year old grandson).

His personal trainer also helped him make the phone calls to set up therapy and home nursing. His nurse and therapist were both impressed with his recovery.

Six days post op, with the okay from the therapist, he dropped the walker in favor of a walking stick. He took walks up to the next block and back.

He also drove his van for the first time! This hip replacement was only slightly slowing him down. He was more at risk of doing too much to soon than any other complication.