Indo Board Man and the Quest for a New Hip Part 6

It’s day two post op and Indo Board Man is ready to get the heck out of the hospital.

After discharging him, he laid down in the back of his van for the ride home which took an hour and a half. Then he settled in for the first day at home. Armed with his walker, he took it easy night one.

Day two he read, slept, did his therapy and even had enough strength to cook Linguine and Clams

One of the few complaints was his inability to walk with the walker and carry his water bottle at the same time. An Amazon prime order fixed that and he was outfitted with a cup holder that attached to the walker. Since he came home on the weekend, he had to wait until Monday for the home physical therapist to arrive. But he felt good enough to entertain his grandsons Sunday evening.

They were delighted with him giving them redi-whip in the can.

More on week one recovery later!