Indo Board Man and the Quest for a Better Hip part 3

Indo Board Man’s surgery lasted about 2 hours and he spent several hours in post op waiting for a room to open up. The doctor gave him these x-rays of the finished procedure. This procedure was the Anterior approach which means the incision was at the front of the hip. This is the most advanced method for a total hip replacement because there is no cutting of the muscles. The hip is accessed by going in between two muscles without any cutting of the support muscles which makes for a much faster recovery. The ‘spike’ is titanium and carefully positioned inside the femur to support the new ball and precisely fit into the new socket of titanium and plastic.

Here is the new bionic hip and below is a picture of the new hip with the resurfaced hip. The surgeon aligned the left hip with the right resurfaced hip. The zipper is how the doctor gained access to the hip…just kidding! Hahaha! The 2010 resurfacing was a “posterior approach” which means they come in from the back of the hip with a much larger incision and cutting of the gluteous maximus in order to access the femoral head. The hospital stay in 2010 was 4 nights and required lots of pain meds to recover. This time was completely different with 1 nights stay in the hospital and a minimum of pain meds.


While waiting in post op, he helped himself to a few popsicles. That was his first food since dinner the night before and the popsicles were most welcome at 2 pm after the surgery.


After spending several hours in post op, he finally had a room.

He caught up on all the happenings and well wishes from his facebook friends while waiting for the physical therapist to arrive. At least his room had a nice view.

Check back for Indo Board Man’s first therapy session!