Throwback Thursday! Indo Board Man gets his hip resurfaced.

Eight years ago, Indo Board Man had his right hip resurfaced after a lifetime of use skateboarding, surfing, water skiing, wake boarding, wake surfing, snow skiing and snowboarding. He documented the whole process. In a week, he will be getting his left hip totally replaced. So to prepare for the new surgery, lets look back and check out the first few videos of his Hip resurfacing blog. You can find the full playlist here.

In the first video Indo Board Man details his need to get his hip resurfaced. That was a logical choice 8 years ago but this time around, resurfacing the left hip is not an option. The next video records his 2010 pre op appointment.

And finally its the day of the operation. It was a longer than expected procedure due to extremely dense bones. The Dr. had to change tools because his bones were so hard. Maybe that explains why his mom always told him he was hard headed! Hahaha!

Over the next week, we will look back on the recovery and therapies to get him rehabilitated in 2010. It will be interesting to see how the recovery this time around compares to 2010. We will chronicle his recovery as well.


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