Indo Board Master Instructor Training with Bob Guenther & Kim White

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Indo Board Master Instructor Training

A couple weeks ago, Bob Guenther and Kim White from Fit For You Gym in Traverse City, Michigan made the trip down to the Indo Board Balance Trainer HQ to train with Indo Board Man. They spent a couple days with Indo Board Man and were certified Master Instructors of Indo Board.

During their training, Indo Board Man, showed them several exercises to try out with their classes on various Indo Boards. In the video below, Master Instructor Indo Board Man is showing Bob how to use the Gigante cushion and Kicktail Pro to train for Stand Up Paddleboard. Indo Board Man is showing Bob how to simulate paddling on a SUP with the proper form which is top hand directly above the bottom hand.


In the next video, Indo Board man shows how he uses a kettle bell to add difficulty to doing a squat on an Indo Board Original Barefoot. The Indo Balance Board offers an interesting mental challenge to a normal squat. Then ad resistance in the form of a kettlebell and you really up the challenge both physically and mentally.

The Fit For You Gym gave them an awesome welcome home up returning to Michigan!

If you are in the Traverse City area, check out Fit For You‘s website to see when you can train with Bob and Kim with the Indo Board Balance Board Training System.!


Congrats to Bob and Kim for becoming Indo Board Certified Master Instructors!

Keep checking back for more videos from their training sessions!

If you are a trainer and interested in becoming a certified Indo Board Trainer, email us at

Remember, Life is About Balance!