Fit Friday! Indo Board Push-Ups

Fit Friday!

Today we will discuss the Indo Board Push Up! This is a great way to take a push up and add difficulty by adding instability. Now the push up can be done using either the roller or the Indo FLO cushion. Up on our You Tube Channel you can find several videos helping you accomplish the proper form and different levels of difficulty you can add to an Indo Board push up.

In the video below, trainer Chris shows you the basics to starting an Indo Board push up. He starts out with just the board on the ground and then shows you how to progress from the cushion to the roller in later videos in the series.

Another variation to the push up is the push up plank. Kristina shows you level by level how to start a push up plank with the Indo Board in the video below.


Next, you can see an example of doing push ups on the roller in this video by Hitkbfit.

Another variation of an Indo Board push up is shown in this video by Coach Robb Beams. He uses the Rocker and FLO cushion and places his feet on the board instead of his arms.

You can check out our You Tube channel for even more push up tutorials!