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A special thank you, our 20th Anniversary, January’s sale, where we’re headed, featured trainers, fun workout videos, amazing athletes, and health tips.


Dear Indo Board Community,

We’d like to take this very special time to thank you all for your amazing love and support. Your love is evident by the nearly 50,000 videos and pictures tagged with #indoboard on Instagram alone – with more videos and pictures tagged on Facebook and Twitter. Wow. And I mean wow. There are no words that can completely describe our amazement and gratitude because something like this can only be fully understood with one’s heart. And we’re always happy to receive your videos, images, suggestions or questions at email@indoboard.com.

More good news! This is a monumental year as September 2018 marks the beginning of Indo Board’s 20th Anniversary! It’s been a crazy 20-year long ride, we’re not sure yet how we will celebrate, but we will be sure to share with you in celebration. So please stay tuned!



It’s our January special! Get 10% Off any Indo Board Doodles combination this month only!
Get yours here.



Indo Board will be at SURF EXPO, January 25 – 27, 2018 at the Orlando Convention center. Come see us at Booth #909!




Has it been one of those kinds of exceptionally challenging days? Take a deep breath, let go of the drama, choose the greater good, and shine. You are meant to shine. You are meant to be the incredible person that is inherently you. Team riders and Brand Ambassadors Brian and Jacquelyn Twardus make a great team, don’t you think? Take a look at there video of love and trust here.
If you can, come train with Brand Ambassadors and fitness professionals Bryan and Jacquelyn Twardus at The Auburn Fit!



Stay positive. Help comes, sometimes, in unexpected ways. 4th-grade teacher and Ninja Warrior, Jennifer Burdis and Irene brighten our day. See their heart-warming video here.



It’s coming! American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, host of StarTalk, will interview 11X surfing world champion Kelly Slater, and Indo Board will be there! Look for the episode between late January and early February 2018 on National Geographic StarTalk.

And lastly, learn about super-model, actor, author, mom, and simply the all-around intelligent and amazing woman, Brooke Shields’ favorite move that changed her body, and it’s all about balance. Read her story here.




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Georgette Akai Austria is the writer of the Indo Board Monthly Newsletter and is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship at Indo Board Balance Trainer. She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she thanks you for subscribing to the email list so you can get the monthly newsletter.  Find Georgette here on her Facebook page