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Indo Board Master Instructor Training

A couple weeks ago, Bob Guenther and Kim White from Fit For You Gym in Traverse City, Michigan made the trip down to the Indo Board Balance Trainer HQ to train with Indo Board Man. They spent a couple days with Indo Board Man and were certified Master Instructors of Indo Board.

During their training, Indo Board Man, showed them several exercises to try out with their classes on various Indo Boards. In the video below, Master Instructor Indo Board Man is showing Bob how to use the Gigante cushion and Kicktail Pro to train for Stand Up Paddleboard. Indo Board Man is showing Bob how to simulate paddling on a SUP with the proper form which is top hand directly above the bottom hand.


In the next video, Indo Board man shows how he uses a kettle bell to add difficulty to doing a squat on an Indo Board Original Barefoot. The Indo Balance Board offers an interesting mental challenge to a normal squat. Then ad resistance in the form of a kettlebell and you really up the challenge both physically and mentally.

The Fit For You Gym gave them an awesome welcome home up returning to Michigan!

If you are in the Traverse City area, check out Fit For You‘s website to see when you can train with Bob and Kim with the Indo Board Balance Board Training System.!


Congrats to Bob and Kim for becoming Indo Board Certified Master Instructors!

Keep checking back for more videos from their training sessions!

If you are a trainer and interested in becoming a certified Indo Board Trainer, email us at

Remember, Life is About Balance!


Fit Friday! Indo Board Push-Ups

Fit Friday!

Today we will discuss the Indo Board Push Up! This is a great way to take a push up and add difficulty by adding instability. Now the push up can be done using either the roller or the Indo FLO cushion. Up on our You Tube Channel you can find several videos helping you accomplish the proper form and different levels of difficulty you can add to an Indo Board push up.

In the video below, trainer Chris shows you the basics to starting an Indo Board push up. He starts out with just the board on the ground and then shows you how to progress from the cushion to the roller in later videos in the series.

Another variation to the push up is the push up plank. Kristina shows you level by level how to start a push up plank with the Indo Board in the video below.


Next, you can see an example of doing push ups on the roller in this video by Hitkbfit.

Another variation of an Indo Board push up is shown in this video by Coach Robb Beams. He uses the Rocker and FLO cushion and places his feet on the board instead of his arms.

You can check out our You Tube channel for even more push up tutorials!


Experience Indo Balance Boards at 2018 Surf Expo Booth #909

Come Visit Us at Booth #909

Indo Board is at @SURFEXPO January 25 – 27, 2018 at the Orlando Convention center. Come see us at Booth #909. It’s the biannual Surf Expo! If you are in town for the big convention, stop on by and try out one of our Indo Balance Boards! We will have demo boards for everyone to try out and see why Balance Boards are an awesome trainer for all board sports focusing on core in association with posture for functional fitness movement patterns that is guaranteed to raise a persons performance level. This important training statement is for all sports and physical activity as you cannot have good balance without correct posture.

Looking back at past Surf Expos

Indo Board Man and his crew have met a lot of amazing people during the conventions so lets take a look back at some of the talented Indo Board Enthusiasts at previous Surf Expos !

In September 2016, Indo Board Man showed off his skills in this viral video which has been watched over a 100k times on Facebook! He is riding the Mini Pro model.


In 2007, Matt Manzari showed off his skills on a Mini Kicktail. Matt and his best friend Reed Hansen developed a heap of radical tricks that helped Reed become the 6 time World Wakeskate Champion. Reed was the first wakeskater to land a varial flip in competition on his wakeskate. He credits this success to the time he spent perfecting the trick on his Indo Mini Kicktail model!

In 2014, 4 time World Champion Wakeboarder, Shaun Murray, stopped by for a training session with Indo Board Man. He was also on America’s Next Ninja Warrior!

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

Shaun also talked about the importance of Balance in training in this video shot by Georgette in 2016.

You can check out a demo Julie Roach did on the Indo Yoga Board in 2012 in the video below.

Indo Riders Heather and Will show off their awesome balance using Gigante cushions under their SUP. They will be showing off their skills at our booth this year too!

Bethany Hamilton stopped by to get an Indo Board lesson from the Indo Board Man at a past Surf Expo.


Indo Board Man along with some very talented Indo Riders will be there to Demo the boards. Come over to Booth #909 and say Hi!

Remember Life is About Balance!

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Indo Board Man Brings Out The Mega Indo Board


This weekend, after the cold front in Florida finally subsided and the weather was nice again, Indo Board Man showed off the legendary, one of a kind, Mega Indo Board. This is a Balance Board on steroids! The Roller is 36 inches in diameter used with a custom made 10 foot plank. Good to get your Pirate on by walking the plank!! The Mega Indo Board is the ultimate Longboard Indo Board.  This is in Indo Board Man’s personal collection and is only brought out for special occasions.

Indo Board Man’s friend from Indianapolis, team rider and Indo Board Brand Ambassador Heather Thomas shot the video of the Indo Board Man showing off his awesome skills. This was happening while Heather’s, husband Will, stood by taking it all in because he was keen to try to ride it himself.

Indo Board Man demonstrates his ability to walk the full length of the giant board. Indo Board Man also shows his control and throws in some lunges at the top of the board. The roller itself weighs over a hundred pounds. It takes a lot of strength to get this giant roller to move.

In the next video, Will Baker decides to try his moves out on the Mega Indo Board

 As you can see from the video, it takes a running start for Will to get enough momentum to move the giant roller. This board only gets to come out for special guests who crave the rush of being in a precarious situation!.

The Mega Indo Board roller has a few other uses as well. You can have a person hanging out in the roller as someone rides to add even more difficulty or you can take the roller for a spin by anchoring yourself inside. It’s quite a ride!

While the Mega Indo Board is one of a kind, if you want to get better at walking the board and cross stepping, you should check out the Indo Pro.

This is the Surf Classic edition which the print is made to look like an Old School Longboard Surfboard

Remember Life is About Balance!

How Do You Indo Board?

Here at Indo Board Balance Trainer, we love our fans! And our fans take their love of riding the Indo Board Balance Board to the extreme! We love when our fans send us video or tag us on our instagram @indoboard! Let’s take a look at our awesome fans and some of the cool photos and videos that have been sent in to us over the last few weeks!



Team Rider Leo Oppenheim takes Indo Boarding to the extreme by counter balancing on his Indo Board Original on a brick ledge! Leo exhibits amazing skill and concentration while holding this difficult position! This is an advanced Indo Board maneuver and I definitely would not recommend trying this at home unless you have great skills and strength.


Leo also sent us a second shot of him and his friend Josh, Mark Rowe. Josh is on Leo’s shoulders! What an amazing feat!



Andrew Hopgood has some serious skill as shown by this video. He uses a skate deck on our roller. He juggles, shows off his fantastic balance and ends the video with a back flip!



Brian Twardus practices strengthening his core with the L-Sit and then throws a basket. He is an awesome trainer at @the_auburn_fit.



Waterski and Wakeboard pro Nikolas Plytas uses not one but two Indo Boards on top of each other and shows his riding skills!


And I can’t not show off one of our favorite young riders, Trinity Lewis. This kid has crazy balance and loves filing all the tricks he has mastered on his Indo Board.



Remember Life is about Balance!


Fit Friday! How to do a Squat on the Indo Board Balance Board

Now that you have an Indo Board Balance Board and you want to start a workout regimen, you should check out our You Tube Channel and look at some of the workouts we have posted! There are exercises from trainers and athletes located around the world who submit their personal video clips to share the versatility and FUN that makes the Indo Board so popular. Some of the videos feature Olympic athletes from a variety of Olympic Sports including snow skiing, snowboarding, BMX, and archery.

The first video I will show you is the beginner Squat.

These videos are great and show you a step by step way to progress into more challenging exercises using the Indo Board with either the IndoFLO cushion or the Roller. If you are a little more advanced, check out a video farther into the workout. Below is a workout showing how to do high capacity squats with the Indo Board.

You can see in this video, Kristina inflated the cushion to add more instability. The joy of working out with the FLO cushion is the ease of adding or taking out air to change up the intensity of the exercise.

Another variation of the squat you could do on the Indo Board is trying to do a squat with one foot on the Indo Board and one foot on the ground as demonstrated by our office manager/personal trainer extraordinaire, Kelly.

Kelly only semi inflated the IndoFLO cushion to start out the squat. She did squats for 30 seconds before switching which foot was on the ground and on the board.

Have fun and remember Life is About Balance!

Check Out Fit For You Gym's Indo Balance Board Class

We are so stoked to have many upstate Michigan Indo Balance Board fans!

The Fit For You Gym in Traverse City, MI is totally Indo it!

Bob Guenther hosts several classes per day of extremely fun and engaging Indo Balance Board Classes, that entertain and challenge every participant!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, shoes and outdoor


Check out some of the videos they have posted of their Indo Board Work outs!

In this video Charlie is using two Indo Boards and doing push ups! He definitely has some advanced core strength! It’s hard enough to do a push-up on one Indo Balance Board and he is using two! He is getting a spot from Kim White. Way to go Charlie!

Here’s a second video of Bob’s Indo Balance Board Class. He is showing how to accomplish push-ups on two Indo Boards! The key to his success is surprisingly not in his arm or leg strength but almost completely relying on extraordinary core strength which comes from a dedicated Indo Balance Board based workout.


Indo Board Man even made a trip up to the Fit For You Gym to host several workshops and meet the amazing people of Traverse City, Michigan who are totally “INDO It”!

You can also head over to Fox 22’s report on Fit For You’s Balance Board Class to see how the 55 and older participants enjoy the class!

MTM On The Road: Tips For A Healthy New Year

Check back in the coming days to see more footage of the Fit For You trainers down in Florida with Indo Board Man!

The 2018 Winter Olympic Athletes Secret Weapon – Part 1

The 2018 Winter Olympics are just around the corner. Several winter Olympians, including Lindsey Vonn, use the Indo Board as part of their training regimen. The US Olympic Snowboard Team uses the Indo Board as a warmup tool before competing.

Lindsey has consistently used the Indo Balance Board since her formative training with the Vail Ski and Snowboard Club as a kid. More recently she has used it to help her rehab from severe injuries which lead to her primary training to get her back Indo competitive form.

In this post, Lindsey Vonn is working on core strength as well as her upper body to rehab her injured arm. Try playing catch while on the Indo Board and see how adding in an extra movement boosts your workout while having fun!

Balance is getting better. #progress #ankleproblems

A post shared by L I N D S E Y • V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on

The Indo Balance Board helps dramatically strengthen weak or injured ankles and knees. Sprained ankles are a leading injury among skiers and snowboarders. Doing some relatively easy ankle strengthening exercises using the Indo Board Balance Trainer can help you prevent injuries.


A post shared by L I N D S E Y • V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on

 Lindsey is using the Indo Board Mini Pro in this photo. The Mini Pro was developed working with professional wakeboarders and snowboarders who wanted a fun indoor training activity. The broad reach and importance the Indo Board Balance Trainer has for balance training across all board orientated sports and all sports activity is the perfect fit.

Ski Magazine even recorded a bit of her Balance Training workout. You can check it out here.

Remember Life is About Balance!