How Do You Indo?

Here at Indo Board Balance Trainer, we love our fans! And our fans take their love of riding the Indo Board Balance Board to the extreme! We love when our fans send us video or tag us on our instagram @indoboard! Let’s take a look at our awesome fans and some of the cool photos and videos that have been sent in to us over the last few weeks!



Team Rider Leo Oppenheim takes Indo Boarding to the extreme by counter balancing on his Indo Board Original on a brick ledge! Leo exhibits amazing skill and concentration while holding this difficult position! This is an advanced Indo Board maneuver and I definitely would not recommend trying this at home unless you have great skills and strength.


Leo also sent us a second shot of him and his friend Josh, Mark Rowe. Josh is on Leo’s shoulders! What an amazing feat!




Andrew Hopgood has some serious skill as shown by this video. He uses a skate deck on our roller. He juggles, shows off his fantastic balance and ends the video with a back flip!



Brian Twardus practices strengthening his core with the L-Sit and then throws a basket. He is an awesome trainer at @the_auburn_fit.




Waterski and Wakeboard pro Nikolas Plytas uses not one but two Indo Boards on top of each other and shows his riding skills!


And I can’t not show off one of our favorite young riders, Trinity Lewis. This kid has crazy balance and loves filing all the tricks he has mastered on his Indo Board.



Remember Life is about Balance!


Fit Friday! How to do a Squat on the Indo Board Balance Board

Now that you have an Indo Board Balance Board and you want to start a workout regimen, you should check out our You Tube Channel and look at some of the workouts we have posted! There are exercises from trainers and athletes located around the world who submit their personal video clips to share the versatility and FUN that makes the Indo Board so popular. Some of the videos feature Olympic athletes from a variety of Olympic Sports including snow skiing, snowboarding, BMX, and archery.

The first video I will show you is the beginner Squat.

These videos are great and show you a step by step way to progress into more challenging exercises using the Indo Board with either the IndoFLO cushion or the Roller. If you are a little more advanced, check out a video farther into the workout. Below is a workout showing how to do high capacity squats with the Indo Board.

You can see in this video, Kristina inflated the cushion to add more instability. The joy of working out with the FLO cushion is the ease of adding or taking out air to change up the intensity of the exercise.

Another variation of the squat you could do on the Indo Board is trying to do a squat with one foot on the Indo Board and one foot on the ground as demonstrated by our office manager/personal trainer extraordinaire, Kelly.

Kelly only semi inflated the IndoFLO cushion to start out the squat. She did squats for 30 seconds before switching which foot was on the ground and on the board.

Have fun and remember Life is About Balance!

Check Out Fit For You Gym’s Indo Balance Board Class

We are so stoked to have many upstate Michigan Indo Balance Board fans!

The Fit For You Gym in Traverse City, MI is totally Indo it!

Bob Guenther hosts several classes per day of extremely fun and engaging Indo Balance Board Classes, that entertain and challenge every participant!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, shoes and outdoor


Check out some of the videos they have posted of their Indo Board Work outs!

In this video Charlie is using two Indo Boards and doing push ups! He definitely has some advanced core strength! It’s hard enough to do a push-up on one Indo Balance Board and he is using two! He is getting a spot from Kim White. Way to go Charlie!

Here’s a second video of Bob’s Indo Balance Board Class. He is showing how to accomplish push-ups on two Indo Boards! The key to his success is surprisingly not in his arm or leg strength but almost completely relying on extraordinary core strength which comes from a dedicated Indo Balance Board based workout.


Indo Board Man even made a trip up to the Fit For You Gym to host several workshops and meet the amazing people of Traverse City, Michigan who are totally “INDO It”!

You can also head over to Fox 22’s report on Fit For You’s Balance Board Class to see how the 55 and older participants enjoy the class!

MTM On The Road: Tips For A Healthy New Year

Check back in the coming days to see more footage of the Fit For You trainers down in Florida with Indo Board Man!

The 2018 Winter Olympic Athletes Secret Weapon – Part 1

The 2018 Winter Olympics are just around the corner. Several winter Olympians, including Lindsey Vonn, use the Indo Board as part of their training regimen. The US Olympic Snowboard Team uses the Indo Board as a warmup tool before competing.

Lindsey has consistently used the Indo Balance Board since her formative training with the Vail Ski and Snowboard Club as a kid. More recently she has used it to help her rehab from severe injuries which lead to her primary training to get her back Indo competitive form.

In this post, Lindsey Vonn is working on core strength as well as her upper body to rehab her injured arm. Try playing catch while on the Indo Board and see how adding in an extra movement boosts your workout while having fun!

Balance is getting better. #progress #ankleproblems

A post shared by L I N D S E Y • V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on

The Indo Balance Board helps dramatically strengthen weak or injured ankles and knees. Sprained ankles are a leading injury among skiers and snowboarders. Doing some relatively easy ankle strengthening exercises using the Indo Board Balance Trainer can help you prevent injuries.


A post shared by L I N D S E Y • V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on

 Lindsey is using the Indo Board Mini Pro in this photo. The Mini Pro was developed working with professional wakeboarders and snowboarders who wanted a fun indoor training activity. The broad reach and importance the Indo Board Balance Trainer has for balance training across all board orientated sports and all sports activity is the perfect fit.

Ski Magazine even recorded a bit of her Balance Training workout. You can check it out here.

Remember Life is About Balance!




Indo Board with Snowboard Olympian Gretchen Bleiler at b project

How to Train Like Olympic Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler

Beautiful Snowboard Professional, Gretchen Bleiler, trains with Brad Jones owner and director of the b project on the Indo Board Mini Pro and IndoFLO Gigante Cushion.

Gretchen states, “Incorporating the Indo Board into my b project strength training program provides the variety in balance and stabilization that I need to stomp.”

Find Gretchen Bleiler on Instagram. 

Find her personal trainer, Brad Jones, owner of the b project on Instagram.






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Georgette Akai Austria is the writer of the Indo Board Monthly Newsletter and is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship at Indo Board Balance Trainer. She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she thanks you for signing up to the email list so you can get the monthly newsletter.  Find Georgette here on her Facebook page





A Special Thank You From Indo Board

The Indo Board Monthly Newsletter

A special thank you, our 20th Anniversary, January’s sale, where we’re headed, featured trainers, fun workout videos, amazing athletes, and health tips.


Dear Indo Board Community,

We’d like to take this very special time to thank you all for your amazing love and support. Your love is evident by the nearly 50,000 videos and pictures tagged with #indoboard on Instagram alone – with more videos and pictures tagged on Facebook and Twitter. Wow. And I mean wow. There are no words that can completely describe our amazement and gratitude because something like this can only be fully understood with one’s heart. And we’re always happy to receive your videos, images, suggestions or questions at

More good news! This is a monumental year as September 2018 marks the beginning of Indo Board’s 20th Anniversary! It’s been a crazy 20-year long ride, we’re not sure yet how we will celebrate, but we will be sure to share with you in celebration. So please stay tuned!



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Has it been one of those kinds of exceptionally challenging days? Take a deep breath, let go of the drama, choose the greater good, and shine. You are meant to shine. You are meant to be the incredible person that is inherently you. Team riders and Brand Ambassadors Brian and Jacquelyn Twardus make a great team, don’t you think? Take a look at there video of love and trust here.

If you can, come train with Brand Ambassadors and fitness professionals Bryan and Jacquelyn Twardus at The Auburn Fit!




Stay positive. Help comes, sometimes, in unexpected ways. 4th-grade teacher and Ninja Warrior, Jennifer Burdis and Irene brighten our day. See their heart-warming video here.




It’s coming! American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, host of StarTalk, will interview 11X surfing world champion Kelly Slater, and Indo Board will be there! Look for the episode between late January and early February 2018 on National Geographic StarTalk.

And lastly, learn about super-model, actor, author, mom, and simply the all-around intelligent and amazing woman, Brooke Shields’ favorite move that changed her body, and it’s all about balance. Read her story here.





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Georgette Akai Austria is the writer of the Indo Board Monthly Newsletter and is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship at Indo Board Balance Trainer. She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she thanks you for subscribing to the email list so you can get the monthly newsletter.  Find Georgette here on her Facebook page




How Do You Indo?

Today lets look at how our Indo Board Balance Board fans use their Indo Boards!

If you want to show us your skills tag us using @indo_board. on Instagram! You can head over there and see all of our awesome fans getting Indo it!


Eni Indo’s on the porch.



Allison @lyfsup Indos while stringing up lights


Chaileen At Auburn Fit Indos with one board and three rollers!


Rich @trifitkb uses his Rocker and Gigante to help is form while target shooting.

A post shared by RICH GRAHAM (@trifitkb) on


Christina and Pablo Indo Dance!

A post shared by ƈཞıʂɬıŋą (@highonyoga) on


Look at the this video posted by @superdaveyyoga. They have some Indo Skills!

They Indo while Alice is standing on on his shoulders!

A post shared by David Ung (@superdaveyoga) on


We love seeing how our fans Indo! Be sure to post how you Indo and maybe we will feature it on our blog, Instagram and Facebook!

Remember Life is About Balance!


3 ways to start off on your New Years Resolutions with Indo Board!

You can start your year off right and tackle those New Years Resolutions with the Indo Board Balance Board.

The easiest way of making your resolutions pay off with the Indo Board is to simply start using it! 

The journey to getting fit with the help of the Indo Board starts with working on your core strength. Indo Board Man demonstrates the basics in this video.

The easiest way to start out with the roller is to hold on to something like a counter, couch, or chair and practice not letting the deck touch the ground. It will take a little time to get used to the motion but you are already getting a work out! The learning curve is usually very quick and lots of FUN.


Use your Indo FLO at your desk.

Don’t have a lot of free time to exercise? Stuck at the office long hours? Why not bring your Indo Board Balance Board and IndoFLO cushion to the office!

Indo Board Man stands on the Indo Rocker FLO while he attends to the daily operations of Indo Board.

You can start by standing on the IndoFLO for a few minutes out of every hour. Maybe try standing while you do a specific task like checking emails or on a conference call. The IndoFLO makes getting a workout in the office a snap! You will burn up to 120 extra calories an hour as well as improve your overall posture and realize increased productivity.


Keep it up! 

Achieving a goal is much easier if it’s a fun and engaging activity! It can seem almost effortless when all you have to do is continue to use the Indo Board Balance Trainer! Start off by riding the board 10 minutes a day and then increase it! Ride the Indo Board while you watch sports, your favorite show or playing the new Star Wars Battlefront. Practice makes perfect and riding the Indo Board daily will help you improve your overall core fitness and leg strength. Check out our youtube channel

Once you are able to keep the board from touching the ground, go to the next step! Add more difficulty. Grab some barbells or a kettle bell and do some lifts while on your board. Below are several examples of exercises you can do with weights on an Indo Board Balance Board. Also don’t forget to do pushups and planks for an excellent upper body workout!

Remember Life is all about Balance!