Two Quick Upper Body Workouts With The Indo FLO!


Here at the Indo Board Office, our office manager, Kelly, is also a certified personal trainer! When she has a few free minutes, she shows the staff a few quick exercises you can do with the Indo FLO. Who knew you could get an awesome upper body workout with an Indo Board? Kelly loves to use the Indo Board Balance Trainer in her workouts.

Today she showed us two quick and easy upper body exercises you could do with your Indo FLO.

She used the Mahogany Rocker FLO.


The side plank reach over/under.

Place your palms on the Indo Board like you are about to a push up. Extend your legs out and find your center. Then rotate your hips from side to side. Do this 15 times. If you are a little more advanced, try balancing on one hand like in picture 2.

Try completing this exercise a few times a day in your free time!


Kelly also showed us how to use a resistance bar to help with an upper body workout on the Indo FLO.

 You can use a resistance bar, a regular weighted bar or some barbells and try to do 15 bicep curls. Try to not touch the ground while you are doing the bicep curls on the Indo FLO. Also try to look ahead and not down at the board so your head, shoulders and hips are in alignment.

You can easily do both exercises while watching TV or if you have your Indo FLO in your office. Both of these are quick and easy. You can fit in a short workout whenever you have a free minute!

The Indo FLO Balance Board can take your upper body workout to the next level!

Check back every week to see trainer tips, easy workouts and even a few advanced Indo Board workouts!

Have a Balanced Day!