Indo Board Balance Board…It's a Family Affair!!

Indo Board Man had his family over to celebrate Christmas day. During the festivities, Indo Board Man was training the next generation in the ways of the Balance Board. The earlier the better to get started with learning to adapt to standing on an unstable balance board. You can see the two hand hold approach works best at this very early stage of balance training.

After a delicious dinner, Indo Board Man and his two year old grandson, also named Hunter, were showing off their balance board skills on the Indo Board Original Natural. This is also a great addition to your balance workout…add a 30 lb toddler and test your skills!

Indo Board Man has great hopes getting his grandson in the water surfing with him as he grows up. He dreams of Hunter following in his footsteps and able to become skillful at riding waves. There is no better way to start the process than introducing Hunter to the Indo Board!


We hope you are also able to make the Indo Board Balance Board a fun family activity!

Have a Balanced Day!