Is This The future Olympic Gold Medalist Down Hill Ski Racer and Ski Jumper?

Is Bode Flanigan the future Olympic Gold Medalist Down Hill Ski Racer and Ski Jumper?

7-year-old Indo Board Enthusiast Bode Flanigan gives us a few lessons on the Indo Mini Kicktail and on the Original Indo Board.  Is he the future Olympic Gold Medalist downhill ski racer and ski jumper?




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Georgette Akai Austria is the writer of the Indo Board Monthly Newsletter and is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship at Indo Board Balance Trainer. She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she thanks you for signing up for the email list so that you can get the newsletter. Find Georgette on her Facebook page here.



Pro Longboarder and Indo Board Team Rider, Justin Quintal

Pro Longboarder and Indo Board Team Rider, Justin Quintal

2X Winner of the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational and Indo Board Team Rider, Justin Quintal puts his Indo Board Mini Pro skills to good use.

Justin translates his Indo Board Mini Pro skills into his longboard surfing expertise. How cool is that!

Find Justin Quintal on his Instagram page.





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Georgette Akai Austria is the writer of the Indo Board Monthly Newsletter and is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship at Indo Board Balance Trainer. She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she would like to thank you for signing up to the email list so that you can get the monthly newsletter. Find Georgette here on her Facebook page.





Fitness Professional Paul Hiniker trains Snowboard Professional Matt Ladley

Indo Board with Paul Hiniker and Matt Ladley

Expert Paul Hiniker, certified with NASM, ACE, ISSA and efi Sports Medicine®, trains snowboard professional, Matt Ladley, on the Indo Board Mini Pro FLO.

Train with Paul Hiniker.
Find Matt Ladley here.

Two Quick Upper Body Workouts With The Indo FLO!


Here at the Indo Board Office, our office manager, Kelly, is also a certified personal trainer! When she has a few free minutes, she shows the staff a few quick exercises you can do with the Indo FLO. Who knew you could get an awesome upper body workout with an Indo Board? Kelly loves to use the Indo Board Balance Trainer in her workouts.

Today she showed us two quick and easy upper body exercises you could do with your Indo FLO.

She used the Mahogany Rocker FLO.


The side plank reach over/under.

Place your palms on the Indo Board like you are about to a push up. Extend your legs out and find your center. Then rotate your hips from side to side. Do this 15 times. If you are a little more advanced, try balancing on one hand like in picture 2.

Try completing this exercise a few times a day in your free time!


Kelly also showed us how to use a resistance bar to help with an upper body workout on the Indo FLO.

 You can use a resistance bar, a regular weighted bar or some barbells and try to do 15 bicep curls. Try to not touch the ground while you are doing the bicep curls on the Indo FLO. Also try to look ahead and not down at the board so your head, shoulders and hips are in alignment.

You can easily do both exercises while watching TV or if you have your Indo FLO in your office. Both of these are quick and easy. You can fit in a short workout whenever you have a free minute!

The Indo FLO Balance Board can take your upper body workout to the next level!

Check back every week to see trainer tips, easy workouts and even a few advanced Indo Board workouts!

Have a Balanced Day!




Indo Board Balance Board…It’s a Family Affair!!

Indo Board Man had his family over to celebrate Christmas day. During the festivities, Indo Board Man was training the next generation in the ways of the Balance Board. The earlier the better to get started with learning to adapt to standing on an unstable balance board. You can see the two hand hold approach works best at this very early stage of balance training.

After a delicious dinner, Indo Board Man and his two year old grandson, also named Hunter, were showing off their balance board skills on the Indo Board Original Natural. This is also a great addition to your balance workout…add a 30 lb toddler and test your skills!

Indo Board Man has great hopes getting his grandson in the water surfing with him as he grows up. He dreams of Hunter following in his footsteps and able to become skillful at riding waves. There is no better way to start the process than introducing Hunter to the Indo Board!


We hope you are also able to make the Indo Board Balance Board a fun family activity!

Have a Balanced Day!


Indo Board Man Mc’s Surfing Santas!

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve, in Cocoa Beach, Fl, Surfing Santa’s of Cocoa Beach was held for the 9th year. The master of ceremonies was none other than the Indo Balance Board Man himself! Here he is dressed up like the big guy (minus the white beard).

(photo courtesy of Satellite Beach Daily News)



Satellite Beach Daily News posted several photos and a full write up of the event. 837 Santas came out to surf this year!

2017 Surfing Santa at Cocoa Beach (45 photos)


One of the local news stations, Fox 35 posted this time lapse video of everyone gathering for the event.

Surfing Santas gather at the beach

Timelapse: Surfing Santas at Cocoa Beach.

Posted by Fox 35 WOFL on Sunday, December 24, 2017


Have a Merry Christmas!


Five Things You didn’t know about Indo Board Man

Happy Thursday!

Lets take a look at 5 things you didn’t know about Indo Board Man Hunter Joslin!


He was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame.

The Indo Board Man has been surfing for 52 years and has been involved in the Surf Industry since 1973. It was his love of surfing that started Indo Board. In 2016, his passion for surfing and the industry was recognized by the East Coast Surfing Hall of  Fame.



2. He’s a world traveler.

Indo Board Man’s second passion in life is travel. He has traveled all over the world surfing in 28 different countries since his first surf trip in 1973 to Costa Rica. Starting in 2000 his travels promoting the Indo Board started in Australia and he hasn’t stopped flying around the globe on the Indo Board mission ever since. His most recent travels include Taiwan, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Barbados.




Chilling with Indo Italia in Milan.




 Indo Boarding in Wales, UK, in front of a 15th century Castle.

(Indo Board Man will be detailing his travels in the blog)



3. He’s been inducted into the Florida Skateboard Hall of Fame

On top of surfing, Indo Board Man has been an avid skateboarder beginning in 1964. When the introduction of urethane wheels happened in 1974 skateboarding became another passion he followed along with surfing. He managed Skateboard Safari skatepark in West Palm Beach and went on to manage the SIMS East Coast Team. His travels and time spent out in Southern California during the Dog-Town era earned him a place is skateboard history as the first announcer of the Hester Pro Bowl Series that introduced the first vertical skatepark skateboarding competitions in the world.



4. He’s a fitness guru

He’s hosted balancing training sessions all over the world and trained many prominent professional athletes from football, skiing, golf, Jiu Jitsu, baseball, surfing, snowboarding, water skiing and wakeboarding.



5. He’s a food and wine enthusiast.

One of the perks of travel would be sampling the local food and wine.

Sampling the food in Barbados

Italian food and wine

Indo Board Man loves a trip to a Vineyard. These are Amarone Barrels in the Verona region of Italy


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Indo Board Man!

Check back to see his travels around the world promoting his balance board creations!

~Have a Balanced Day!~


Brooke Shields Favorite Move That Changed Her Body

Super-model, actor, author, mom, and simply the all-around intelligent and amazing woman, Brooke Shields’ interview with shares her secrets – and it’s all about balance.

Do you have a favorite move that changed your body?

I’ve just started hanging upside down in inversion boots, doing hamstring pulls and sit-ups. I’m amazed at how great it feels on my back. I’ll just hang there and then start doing a whole series of crunches and things like that. It’s really hard, but it’s really great, and I notice a difference. And balance—I never put too much into balance because I danced, and it was fine, but now they have this balance board, you know the Indo Board?  And now I can do it. Six months ago, I couldn’t. And I thought to myself, “I’m so strong. Why?” And [my trainer] said, “Everything’s not firing. You’ve really got to just ignite and wake up certain little muscles…”

Read the entire Brooke Shields Interview Here.

Thank you, Brooke Shields, for your enthusiastic words. We are great fans of you and appreciate that you understand the value of balance training on the Indo Board.

Find the iconic Brooke Shields on her Instagram and Facebook pages.




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Georgette Akai Austria is the writer of the Indo Board Monthly Newsletter and is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship at Indo Board Balance Trainer. She hates talking about herself in third-person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she thanks you for subscribing to the monthly newsletter here. 

Find Georgette here on her Facebook page.





Indo Board Foam Roller Stability Package


The Indo Board Foam Roller Stability Package was introduced two years ago with trainers and fitness enthusiasts in mind. 

The Indo Board Foam Roller Stability Package offers different levels from the sliver to half-round to full-round roller for a complete progressive Balance Board workout. The foam wedges helps with progression from the half round roller to the full round foam roller. The full roller can be used with the Indo Board Original, Mini Original and Rocker Boards but is also perfect for Myofascial Release of muscle tension before and after workouts. Use wedges to progress roller exercises from the half round roller to the full round foam roller. This keeps users at a level of difficulty that is comfortable. Slivers and Wedges are perfect for Beginners Use Wedges as chocks for the Roller creating a Teeter-Totter effect, this is good for learning to use an Indo Board Roller.  Sort of training wheels for the roller.


Our Indo Board YouTube Channel has several informative videos taking you through various workouts with the Foam Stability Package.

This is the first of 3 Indo Board Balance Trainer videos explaining in depth how to correctly use the Foam Stability Package.

If you are looking for a great balance exercise to help with stability and core fitness, then you should think about adding the Indo Board Foam Roller Stability Package to your balance training program.


~Have a Balanced Day!~


The 12 Days of Indo Board – Day 12!

On the 12th Day of Christmas Indo Board Man showed me, exercises you can do with your Indo Board!

Included with your Indo Board Training Pack or Indo FLO package is this handy poster detailing exercises you can do on your Indo Balance Board.

This poster is double sided and includes exercises on both the roller and the Indo FLO.

The poster is a great starting point in setting up a core strengthening and balance board work out routine.


Another resource you can utilize, is our YouTube Channel.

There is a multitude of videos with exercise routines and demos.

In the video below, Indo Board Man demonstrates the Indo Balance Board. This is one of the first videos Indo Board Man created to show how to use the Indo Board as a surf trainer.


Over the years the Indo Board has grown, beyond a fun way to help you improve your surfing or board sports, to an all around fitness balance trainer. Ideal for anyone looking to improve their overall functional fitness level. The Indo Board Balance Trainer is great for all levels of fitness while being used to increase strength in both the upper body and lower body along with the benefit of a stronger core.

Arthur Hsu has a three part training series using the Indo Board. You can find all three on our channel! Lets take a look at the first video in the series.



You can check out our playlist of Indo Board Fitness here.


You can also take a look on our Instagram and Facebook for workout inspiration!

Every day Indo Board Enthusiasts share their skills with us.

Romeo Gousse aka @ninjagousse shows how he does burpees on the Indo Board

Challenge, Indo Board Tribe! How many burpees will you do today? Remember to keep your balance board as still as possible. Romeo Gousse is INDO IT. ????????????????✌️Georgette …….. #Repost #indoboard #balanceboard #indo_board #indoboardhero @ninjagousse・・・Part of earlier training session at home. 180 jump squats on bosu ball superset Indo board burpee.Try the first exercise without the bands to make it easier or use it as an added challenge……..#stability #corework #justbeastit in my @ninjames206 T#coreworkout #fitness #fitnessmotivation #burpees #surfing #wakesurf #wakeskate #wakeboard #mma #bmx #indoboards #bjj #jiujitsu #sup #standuppaddle #showyourbalance #dontsettleforacheapknockoff #snowboard #crosstrain #skimboard #skate #sk8 #bestgiftever @indo_board


If you have your own variations of an Indo Board Workout, we would love to see them! Tag us on Instagram using @indo_board.

Have a Balanced Day!