The INDO BOARD Barefoot is back in stock. Love!

The Indo Board Barefoot. Graphic design by Indo Board Master Trainer, Nicola CercielloYou asked, so we listened. The new Indo Board Barefoot, designed by Indo Board Master Trainer, Nicola Cerciello, is back in stock!

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Nicola is a certified personal trainer, snowboader, skateboarder, surfer, and artist from Italy.  Take a look at some of  Nicola’s very fun Indo Board videos.
Got 2 minutes and 24 seconds? Here’s one of my favorites from Nicola!
Indo Board Factory-Indo Trick
Learn about ‪#‎balance‬ from ‪#‎IndoBoard‬ Master Trainer Nicola Cerciello, because everyone should care about his/her balance.
The Indo Board Program will:
– improve athletic perfomance
– improve neuromuscolar response
– improve proprioception awareness
– improve postural awareness
– improve muscoloskeletal stability
– strengthen the core

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