Indo Board Hip Resurfacing Video Blog Chapter 12. Hunter practices walking outside with physical therapist, Dr. Suzette

This is the 12th installment of the video blog that  follows the hip resurfacing surgery, recovery and rehabilitation of Hunter Joslin, owner and founder of Indo Board Balance Trainers.  Hunter is a skateboarder, surfer, stand up paddler, snowboarder and all around extreme athlete who  had too many  skateboarding falls on his right hip back in the 1970’s which left Hunter with osteoarthritis.  Follow Hunter as he goes from preparing for hip resurfacing surgery to getting back to competitive form.
In this installment, outside in the beautiful weather, Hunter practices walking forward with full hip extensions, practices walking backwards and sideways, and it is only the 3rd day of rehab with physical therapist,  Dr. Suzette! Amazing progress.  Hunter is already walking with a cane!

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