Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, Progresses Well After Hip Resurfacing Surgery

President of Indo Board, Hunter Joslin, is progressing well,  shown here at the five week point after hip resurfacing surgery. Hunter is a surfer, wakeboarder, snowboarder, Stand Up Paddler and all around extreme athlete who,  due to too many skateboard falls in the 1970’s, the Dogtown and Z-Boys era, was left with osteoarthritis of his […]

After school indoboarding clubs going well in North Dorset

Getting children active and preventing childhood obesity is what the Indo Board Balance Trainer is all about. The indofitness program is designed to keep children active and teach them balance training, better coordination, improve their strength and conditioning and most of all introduce a fun and effective youth exercise program. These programs have been extremely successful in the United Kingdom thanks to Indo Europes Master Trainier Kevin Hubble.