Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, Progresses Well After Hip Resurfacing Surgery

President of Indo Board, Hunter Joslin, is progressing well,  shown here at the five week point after hip resurfacing surgery. Hunter is a surfer, wakeboarder, snowboarder, Stand Up Paddler and all around extreme athlete who,  due to too many skateboard falls in the 1970’s, the Dogtown and Z-Boys era, was left with osteoarthritis of his right hip.  In these images, Hunter strengthens his core by doing Indo Board pushups and medicine ball squats. Follow Hunter as he video blogs his way beginning with  his pre-op investigation and back to competitive form.

Hunter gets INDO IT with Indo Board pushups and medicine ball squats.

King Mo on his Indo Board

Yesterday we got a call from top MMA Trainer/Manager Ryan Parsons to come down to The Boxing Club in Carlsbad, CA and meet with Ryan and current Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal.  Ryan wanted to set King Mo, Jason “Mayhem” Miller and his other fighters up with an Indo Board so that they could begin working on improving their balance, coordination, agility and core strength.  Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of the King Mo and Mayhem using their Indo Boards. 

MMA star King Mo trains on his Indo Board

Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, practices walking with a cane.

This is an image of Hunter Joslin, President and Founder of the Indo Board Balance Trainer. Due to too many skateboard falls in the 1970’s, the Dogtown and Z-boys era,  left Hunter Joslin with osteoarthristis of his right hip. Follow Hunter as he video blogs his way beginning with his pre-op hip resurfacing Dr. visit, post-op recovery, and back into competitive form.

In this image, Hunter practices walking with physical therapist, Dr. Suzette.

Hunter Joslin practices walking with a cane.

After school indoboarding clubs going well in North Dorset

Pictured below is Indo Board Master Trainer, Kevin Hubble with some of the school children at Sturminster Newton after they received their Indo Board after school club Certificates.  Indofitness is a school-sponsored Indo Board fitness program that runs in after school clubs in five schools in North Dorset, the other four being, Shaftesbury, Blandford, Gillingham and Sherborne.  The classes have been delivered for the last two years with lottery funding and next year will be done with Sport Unlimited funding.  The children attend for six weeks and after an initial introduction to the equipment and a “beginner’s” lesson, they then work towards completing tasks on the Indo Board each week under the watchful eye of the Indofitness Trainers.  This culminates in them being awarded a Certificate at the end of the course. ” The club is always enjoyable” says trainer Jase Fern, “Over the weeks you see the children grow in confidence, come out of their shells and express themselves through their mastery of the Indo Board Balance Trainer. It’s really satisfying as a trainer to deliver these classes.”

Indo board Hip Resurfacing Blog Over-doing "it" Explained Ch16

This is the sixteenth installment of the video blog that  follows the hip resurfacing surgery, recovery and rehabilitation of Hunter Joslin, owner and founder of Indo Board Balance Trainers.  Hunter is a skateboarder, surfer, stand up paddler, snowboarder and all around extreme athlete who had  too many skateboarding falls on his right hip in the 1970’s Dogtown and Z-Boy’s era.  Follow Hunter  as he video blogs his way through preparing for hip resurfacing surgery,  post-op recuperation and the months ahead getting back to competitive form.

In this installment, Hunter learns the perimeters  of what it means to overdo it. And just when he thinks he’s making progress – physical therapist, Dr. Suzette beats him up again with new and even more challenging exercises. Hunter is back to square zero again.  Nurse Denise gives Hunter a check-up.