Indo Board at Millsaps Training Facility – motocross training

Millsaps Training Facility (MTF) is recognized as the United States premier training facility for competitive motocross riders.  At  MTF riders take part in a variety of programs that include advanced technical, physical and mental training designed to help riders reach their full potential.  Spread over fifty acres in Cairo, GA , MTF includes a variety of challenging MX tracks and an RV park complete with water and electric hook-ups. Also on site is a fully equipped fitness facility that includes state-of-the-art  conditioning equipment.  Clint Friesen, the MTF Fitness Director, oversees all aspects of the fitness program which includes cardiovascular conditioning, circuit training, strength training and flexibility training. 
Recently Indo Board was asked to come to MTF to help implement a balance training program that would not only help the riders improve their balance, proprioception and core and leg strength but also be a FUN alternative to the standard fitness program.

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