Indo Board Hip Resurfacing Rehab Chapter 10. Hunter Joslin gets advice, rehab exercises and encouragement from physical therapist, Dr. Suzette

This is the 10th installment of the video blog that  follows the hip resurfacing surgery, recovery and rehabilitation of Hunter Joslin, owner and founder of the Indo Board Balance Trainer.  Hunter is a skateboarder, surfer, stand up paddler, snowboarder and all around extreme athlete who had too many skateboard falls on his right hip in the 1970’s, the Dogtown and Z-Boys era, which left him with osteoarthritis.  Follow Hunter as he goes from preparing for hip resurfacing surgery to getting back to competitive form.

Indo Board at Millsaps Training Facility – motocross training

Millsaps Training Facility (MTF) is recognized as the United States premier training facility for competitive motocross riders.  At  MTF riders take part in a variety of programs that include advanced technical, physical and mental training designed to help riders reach their full potential.  Spread over fifty acres in Cairo, GA , MTF includes a variety of challenging MX tracks and an RV park complete with water and electric hook-ups. Also on site is a fully equipped fitness facility that includes state-of-the-art  conditioning equipment.  Clint Friesen, the MTF Fitness Director, oversees all aspects of the fitness program which includes cardiovascular conditioning, circuit training, strength training and flexibility training. 
Recently Indo Board was asked to come to MTF to help implement a balance training program that would not only help the riders improve their balance, proprioception and core and leg strength but also be a FUN alternative to the standard fitness program.

Indo Board Hip Resurfacing Blog Ch 9. HOME! And Meds

This is Chapter nine of the Indo Board Hip Replacemnt video blog. In this segment, Hunter Joslin, President of Indo Board, is finally home after five days recuperating at the hospital. Although things are now looking up, Hunter is far from being out of the woods. Continuing with specific rehab exercises, walking and sitting precautions, getting his hair washed, and pain medication management are all now a part of the home program.

Indo Board Hip Resurfacing Chapter 8. Hunter is transported back home.

Indo Board Hip Resurfacing Video Blog Chapter 8. This is the eighth installment of  Indo Board President Hunter Joslin’s hip resurfacing video blog. Hunter, an especially avid surfer and skateboarder,  had too many skateboard falls onto his right hip in the 1970’s which left him with osteoarthritis. Follow Hunter  as he video blogs his way through preparing for hip resurfacing surgery,  post-op recuperation and the months ahead getting back to competitive form.
In this installment, Hunter humorously recaps his five day hospital stay and is finally released to go home.